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Laurea to receive EFQM recognition

The Quality Developer recognition was handed out to Laurea at the Quality Day event on 11 November.

Laurea was granted the Recognised by EFQM recognition at the Quality Day event organised by Excellence Finland on 11 November. The EFQM model is an internationally recognised management framework indicating excellent organisational operation. The model is based on an understanding of causal relationships between the organisation’s steering, operation and results. 

The external audit carried out at Laurea in spring 2021 was based on a self-evaluation report conducted by the university of applied sciences in accordance with the EFQM model and interviews of an extensive group of Laurea specialists (nearly 100 interviewees). The audit was carried out by a group of seven experts appointed by the Excellence Finland.

In the audit, the evaluation group highlighted the strategy based on vision and values as the key strength of Laurea’s activities. The implementation of the strategy was considered to have taken note of changes in the operating environment and the preparation of the strategy to have involved both personnel and stakeholders. To fulfil its vision, Laurea has identified critical needs for changes as part of the strategy process. Projects have been launched and ambitious goals set to achieve the desired changes. 

Laurea’s activities are marked by a strong positive attitude towards development and business activities. The personnel are encouraged to innovate and try new solution models. The Learning by Developing (LbD) model and extensive RDI project funding encourage the entire Laurea community to creativity and innovation. 

Trying out new solution models is encouraged by the Pedagogical Advance of the Year, the RDI Act of the Year and the Service Act of the Year awards. Student, business and other stakeholder representatives systematically participate in the development of education and activities through regional advisory boards, degree-specific workplace steering groups and various development groups. 

The business-orientation of the activities is strengthened by the key partnership model. Through key partnership, Laurea offers its partners systematic and extensive cooperation that enables them to develop their business and RDI activities jointly with the university of applied sciences. 

As a key development target, the auditors highlighted better utilisation of feedback and assessment information to strengthen the process of continuous development. As regards development work, the evaluation group recommends investment in project-based operation and prioritisation in view of the available resources.

In the EFQM audit, the Finnish Quality Award and the Finnish Circular Economy Award were granted to Metsä Board. Recognitions were awarded to Elisa Corporation (International Success), Accenture and Metsähallitus (Circular Economy Developer) and to Uponor Infra Ltd and Laurea in the Quality Developer category.

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