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Studies for exchange students

On this page you can find information on what it’s like to study at Laurea and a link to the study offer for studies suitable for exchange students.

What can I study at Laurea? 

All the suitable study units and their descriptions are available on the Study offering page. Click the study unit to see the description, content and learning outcomes. The course offer is updated twice per year in February and in September. 

Exchange students can study in seven different study fields. 

  • Business Management (Hyvinkää, Leppävaara and Tikkurila campus) 
  • Business Information Technology (Tikkurila campus) 
  • Hospitality Management (Leppävaara campus) 
  • Nursing (Tikkurila campus) 
  • Physiotherapy (Otaniemi campus, spring semester only) 
  • Safety, Security and Risk Management (Leppävaara campus) 
  • Social Services (Tikkurila campus) 

Important to know 

  • Studies in universities of applied sciences include group projects and practical assignments. 
  • Students are advised to take courses primarily from the degree programme you apply to 
  • Some courses have a limited number of places available. 
  • Please note that we offer business studies on three campuses, and you will be placed on a campus which offers the most suitable courses for your degree programme at your home institution 
  • Exchange students should take 30-35 ECTS per semester and no more than 10 ECTS of online or virtual studies.
  • Schedules for the courses are confirmed a few months before the semester. 

Study methods and environments

Studies at Laurea include traditional teacher-lead courses with lectures and project-based studies that are completed in cooperation with real companies. The Laurea learning model, Learning by Developing (LbD), is all about focusing on practical projects with real-life companies and organizations while studying and gaining both theoretical and practical knowledge.  Studying in the project-based courses requires student’s own input and active learning. Learning by Developing equips students with the future skills required in the workforce.  Read more about study methods at Laurea and digital platforms we use at Laurea. 

Practical information

  • Enrollment for studies  

    Exchange students enroll in their studies at Laurea prior to the start of exchange. The enrollment for the studies is done on Pakki platform in May (for autumn semester) and November (for spring semester). The students who are staying for one academic year will enroll for studies twice. The accepted students will get instructions for the course enrolment before the enrollment time.  

  • Learning agreement 

    Every incoming exchange student to Laurea is required to make a Learning Agreement for their exchange studies. A Learning Agreement contains the studies you intend to complete during your exchange at Laurea and information on how they will be recognized by your home institution. The Learning Agreement must be signed by the student, home institution and by the academic contact person at Laurea. Laurea uses online learning agreements but if the home institution does not use online form, please use the forms below: 

    Please find a learning agreement template here 

    Learning Agreement EU (pdf) (for students from European partner universities) 

    Learning Agreement non EU (pdf) (for students from partner universities outside the EU)

  • Grading 
    Laurea UAS grade  ECTS grade
    5 Excellent A
    4 Good B
    3 Good C
    2 Satisfactory D
    1 Satisfactory E
    0 Fail F or FX

    Certain examinations are graded only on a pass/fail basis  H = Pass or S = Com

    pleted or 0 = Fail.

In the video below you can hear more about the Laurea LbD Learning model and about Laurea's student experiences.  

More information: