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International short programmes

Laurea University of Applied Sciences offers a possibility for students to participate in short programmes which are organized each year. These programmes can be degree specific or multidisciplinary. Please read more in this page for information regarding upcoming short programmes and necessary practicalities that will support your preparation.

Each year, Laurea organizes summer and winter schools as well as international weeks where students from the partner institutions are invited to join. These short programmes are usually credit bound in order to give credit transfer possibilities for participating students. The programmes might require a participation fee. The fee requirements are mentioned in each programme at the time when they are published for enrollments. The study programmes are usually organized entirely by Laurea or in cooperation between Laurea and its partners in Finland or abroad.

The international relations office at Laurea is responsible of facilitating all practical and administrative arrangements for short programmes. The academic staff involved in the respective short programme are responsible for the content of the study as well as dissemination and guidance of the students throughout the time of the study programme.

After completing the study programme, participants will receive certificates of participation, which will bear the information of the study course as well as the amount of credits embedded in it. This certificate should act as a confirmation document for the participation and completion of the study programme at Laurea.

Short programmes

Laurea Design Sprint Winter School 13. - 24.1.2020

In January 2020 Laurea will organize a second Design Sprint Winter School. The winter school is open to all students who have completed at least their first year of studies in their home institutions.

The Design Sprint will be valuable for participating students since they will to learn how customers respond to your service ideas, before spending large amounts of time, money and energy to build them. This hands-on, intense, but fun Sprint teaches you how to run a successful Design Sprint. With a structured approach, we will move from framing the problem to design your service solution, from the creation of a Minimum Viable Product to the test phase, where real customers test your service.

Do not miss this Unique Opportunity to learn the world-famous Jake Knapp’s Sprint method and have fun!

What will you learn?

  • Pick the right problem, and gain the confidence you are tackling a problem worth solving
  • Align your team to work on a common goal
  • Understand customer need and map their journey
  • Sketch innovative solutions in no time
  • Make critical decisions fast
  • Create an MVP
  • Validate concepts
  • Become aware of your personal strengths & weaknesses in a team
  • Pitch your service concept


Laurea Leppävaara campus in Espoo.
Address: Vanha Maantie 9, 02650 Espoo, Finland.

Arriving at the campus

By train: Depending to where the participant is living, there are trains Y, U, L, E and A which take approximately 13-20 minutes to the Leppävaara train station from the centre of Helsinki. The Leppävaara train station is approximately 800m from the campus.

By Bus: There are various bus connection between Leppävaara and the rest of Metropolitan Region. Students can search for the bus timetables and connections by putting their initial address and destination address in the journey planner to receive the real time bus or train information. Here is a useful link to timetables of public transport and routes:

Register here

Contact information

Academic information and details: and

Practical and administrative information:

Practical information

During the short programmes, participants are following different systems of enrollments. The practical information for them depends on the programme that they wish to join. However, some practicalities remain the same and it is good to know in order to be able to prepare.

  • Eligible participants 

    Laurea’s international short programmes are open to any higher learning institution student who has completed their first year of their Bachelor studies. It is necessary for the student to check if the programme is suitable for Bachelor or Master level students. Some programmes can be open for both Bachelor and Master level students.  The details of who is eligible will be mentioned in each programme when they are open.

  • Language of instruction 

    English language is the main language for all Laurea’s international short programmes. Participants are recommended to have a good command of English in written, spoken and understanding different concepts in their field of studies. Laurea's recommendation for English language skills is level B2 in The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • Immigration requirements 

    Laurea international short programmes are usually under a month long. The duration will depend on a specific programme. Depending on the origin, the participant may require a visa even when the programme is one week long.

    • European students: If you are a citizen of an EU member state, a Nordic country, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, you do not need a visa to stay in Finland for under 90 days. Nevertheless, you need to have a valid identity card or a passport. Please visit the immigration website ( for further information before coming to Finland.
    • Non-European students: If you are not a citizen of the above mentioned territories, you need a visa when you come to Finland for the short programme. Please visit the Finnish Embassy or Consulate in your home country for further information. You can also check the immigration website for information on immigration in Finland.

    For your visa to be processed you will need to have the invitation letter for the programme that you will join and all other documents that are needed for this purpose. Please contact any named person in that program organization team in order to receive right documents.

  • Arriving in Helsinki 

    Participant joining the short programmes at Laurea will arrive at Helsinki by Plane, Bus or Train. Busses and trains will stop at the center of Helsinki.
    The main Airport that majority of the participants are using is Helsinki Vantaa Airport.

    • Bus Transfers: Helsinki International Airport is located in Vantaa, 30 min away from the city center by bus. Finnair buses and other commuter buses run every 20 min from the airport to Elielinaukio, located right next to the Central Railway Station in Helsinki. Bus ticket costs 6,50 Euros (Valid for 90 minutes). You are encouraged to purchase the bus card (Zones ABC) on arrival and load money in it. This will make the trip price a bit cheaper. You may want to read more information in the Commuter bus website.
    • Train Transfers: Both trains I and P go to and from the airport every 10 to 20 minutes. I train takes 28 minutes and the P train takes 33 minutes to Helsinki city Center. The price for the regional ticket (Zones ABC) is 5 Euros and should be bought at the ticket vending machines. You CANNOT purchase the train ticket in the train. Failure to have a ticket by the time you get in to the train will cost you a penalty of 80 euros.
    • The airport monitors will show you all departures and the right bus or train. There is also an information desk at the airport where passengers can ask different questions.
    • Taxi Transfers: Just as it is for Busses and trains, private Taxis are also available just outside of the arrival halls 1 and 2. You can hop on one and will drive you to the destination of your accommodation. You also have an option to take a Yellow Airport Taxi, which is a shared taxi. Yellow Airport Taxi is a cheaper option compared to private Taxi but not as cheap as the bus or train. For taxis reserve 30euro to 60euros (distance counts) to your destination around Helsinki Metropolitan Region.
    • HOTELS: Hotels are usually more expensive to live in. However, if the participant is interested to stay in one, we recommend Hellsten Hotels, and Forenom Hotels. You can select the city where your programme will be operating to get the quotations. Hotels closer to our mail campuses are Hellsten Espoo, Forenom Espoo, and Hotel Glo in Espoo city. In our Vantaa campus, you can look at the Sokos Hotel Vantaa. In addition, any Airport Hotels will get you to Laurea Tikkurila campus in Vantaa, by a single bus connection. It will take about 10-20 minutes depending to the bus route.
      Laurea campuses Leppävaara and Tikkurila are located in a good connections from the centre of Helsinki. Any hotel in Helsinki City centre should be fine. You will walk to the Central Railway Station and jump in one train to arrive to our campuses. Please use the Reittiopas to see possible train connections. It usually takes 10-20 minutes to our Leppävaara or Tikkurila campuses from Helsinki Central Railway station.
  • Insurance, finance and wellbeing 

    Cost of living

    It is recommended that students budget at least 700-900 Euros per each month of their stay in Finland. This amount should be enough to cover all major living expenses including accommodation, food, and local travel (excluding tuition fees). Below is an approximate breakdown of costs. Please note that, the breakdown below is a monthly average for a student. Similar costs can be for the weeklong programme depending to the type of accommodation the participant will select.
    •    Accommodation: (Costs depend on the type of accommodation)
    •    Food: 300€
    •    City transportation: 50 – 150€
    •    Tuition fees (Depends on a programme)


    Each International student, both from EU and Non EU need to have a valid Travel and Health Insurance.
    EU citizens are recommended to have the European Health insurance card to be able to receive healthcare services in Finland. Otherwise, EU participants should have right insurance in case of accidents or other emergences during their stay in Finland.
    Non EU citizens are required to have a valid travel insurance that will cover incidents such as illness, accidents and other hazards during the stay in Finland. We recommend our participants to purchase their insurances from Swiss care insurances ( ) or AXA-Schengen insurances ( ). The recommended insurances, which can be purchased online, fulfil the Finnish and the rest of the Schengen Visa requirements. Without this insurance, participants may be rejected a Visa to enter Finland.

    Students with disability

    Most of Laurea’s premises are suitable for students with specific disabilities. The facilities are equipped with elevators, wheel chair accessible paths, special bathrooms, wheel chair accessible classrooms and auditoriums, IT facilities accessible for wheelchair use as well as dining spaces. Disabled parking spaces are available. In case of any other disabilities than the ones mentioned above, please contact the organisers of the respective programme you wish to join for further information.
    Depending on the nature of disability, there can be possibilities of various accommodation around the city. Please note that Laurea does not have own accommodation and therefore the participant with specific disabilities have to highlight their nature of disability so that the accommodation provider can pay attention to the matter.

    Social activities

    While living in Finland, International short programmes participants have a possibility to utilise all public facilities free of charge or with a fee. There are gyms, football, basketball and tennis courts, indoor and outdoor ice skating or hockey rinks, swimming halls, running and skiing trails at the vicinities of the campuses as well as many other areas in the municipality of residence.
    Moreover, Laurea students union organises various activities for students. Our international short programmes’ students can also access these activities whenever they are available. Please visit our students union's website Laureamko for further information.

  • Other important matters 

    While snow and cold weather are fun and can be exotic to many people who do not share the cold climates, it is necessary for our short programme participants to acquaint themselves with how to dress appropriately, so that you can enjoy the outdoors.

    Please see this video to prepare your suitcase better.

    Before your arriving to Finland, the link below maybe useful, to get to know the country you are about to enter as well as prepare accordingly.

    Laurea Student Union
    Sport facilities
    Study in Finland
    Finland's website
    The city of Helsinki
    Climate realities



More information:

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