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3AMK Summer School for Master’s Students

3AMK Summer School is an intensive online course for Master´s degree students. The topic is ”Leadership Skills for a Changing World” and it is organized in August, 2022.

Would you like to attend an online summer school that leaves you feeling motivated, happy, inspired and grateful?

These are the words used by last year’s students to describe their learning experiences of 3AMK “Leadership Skills in a change world”.

Here are a few more testimonials about the topics, our teaching methods, and the space created online by students from all over the world:

“Every leader or future leader should take part on this course because it gives you excellent perspectives what skills should future leaders recognize and learn and take into action”
“Since the topic of course were updated and relevant to the routine life of people involved in business and public sector activities; thus, I would recommend them to take the course and foster their leadership skills”
“I just loved the summer school. The professors are perfect and it was fun. My group for the final presentation was premium and I loved the exchange”

This year, we have incredible teachers joing us from Haaga-Helia (Hanna-Kaisa Ellonen), Laurea (Johanna Vuori), and Metropolia (Tricia Cleland Silva).

The course covers important topics for our times such self-leadership, inclusion and diversity, storytelling and collaborative practices, managing cultural change, and workplaces that lead through autonomous and empowered self-organized members and teams.

You will leave this course with both knowledge and skills to apply as a leader no matter where you are in our changing world!

Study themes and methods

The topic of 3AMK Summer School is “Leadership Skills for a Changing World”. In 2022, we will focus on the following sub-topics: Inclusive leadership & collaborative practices, Leading cultural change, and Leading a self-managing organisation.

The 3AMK Summer School consists of the participation to the intensive week and assignments before and after the intensive week. The program features short talks by university faculty members and practitioners as well as workshops and other collaborative activities to engage with the theme’s topics. The extent of the course is 5 ECTS.

The course is organised online. During the course, we will work in teams so the students are expected to be committed to teamwork. The summer school in executed in English.


To be able to participate this summer school you need to be a master level student in your own university.

Note: before applying to this course, please make sure that you are able to participate the program during the whole intensive week. The lectures will be organised between 1pm and 4pm (Finnish time). After the official program, the students need to reserve some time for the group work (this is agreed between team members at the beginning of the course).

Note: the number of participants is limited. The students are selected by the motivational letters. See instructions below.

Important dates

  • Application period: 26th January –  30 March
  • Student selection: latest 15 April
  • Pre-assignments published by end of May
  • Deadline for pre-assingments: 14 August
  • Intensive week: 15 August – 19 August

Apply now

Motivational letter

Please notice that you are asked to attach a motivational letter to the application form. The letter is a separate document which you should attach to the end of the form. We advice you to write the document first, and then fill in the application form with the attachment. The length of the letter is max. 1 page = about 400 words. Shortly introduce yourself, and describe why you apply to this course, how this course benefits your studies, and what you expect from this course.

The application form will be updated here before the application period starts.


There is no fee to this intensive course.


More information: