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Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management and Service Design

Entrance examinations for International separate application for Hospitality Management and Service Design were held in co-operation with Everest Education Network & Consultancy Pvt.Ltd. in Kathmandu, Nepal between 8th - 12th of June 2024. Thank you for joining!

We have released final results for application period above. Applicants may check their results in My Studyinfo.
Accepted applicants will receive an acceptance letter by email. 

Accepted applicants
To accept the study place offered: confirm the acceptance of study place by 28th of June 15:00 Finnish time at My Studyinfo. The tuition fee for the first academic year must be paid by 2nd of July 2024. 

See checklist for new students 

More information about the degree programme

During the Bachelor’s Degree programme in Hospitality Management and Service Design, you will acquire the creative and analytical skills to thrive in the hospitality and service field. You will learn the managerial competences in planning, organizing, and communicating. Studies in the Hospitality Management and Service Design programme combine theory and practice. You will learn service design methods through classroom studies and practical working life projects.

Innovation and de­vel­op­ment projects with Hos­pi­tal­ity Field companies during your studies

As a student, you will apply theoretical concepts to real-world cases and practical assignments. In particular, you will learn how to implement service design methods in innovation and development projects. This is accomplished through work on versatile projects in development hubs with companies and on campus. One important part of the studies is working in our own restaurant BarLaurea, where you can acquire the developmental skills and professional competence needed in Hospitality Management. 

Leaders of the future

International study visits will provide experience and understanding of the ever-growing international clientele. In addition to service business studies, the degree programme offers a wide range of studies in leadership, digitalization, communication and interaction, since the capability to lead work processes, network and understand the needs of customers is a core competence. User-centricity is essential to the studies. Students will also gain competences to operate successfully in the modern digitalized business environment. The ability to interpret data is a key skill to success in Hospitality Management. Knowledge Management is a core competence of future managers and experts.

Programme in more detail

The programme is composed of compulsory core competencies, complementary competencies, job placements and final project/thesis.

Basic information

  • Degree programme: Bachelor's Degree Programme in Hospitality Management & Service Design
  • Degree title: Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Duration of studies: 210 ECTS, 3,5 years

Core Competence

  • Hospitality Management (40 ECTS)
  • Service Design (30 ECTS)
  • Leadership and business (25 ECTS)
  • Expert in work community Work placement (30 ECTS)
  • Expert in development and workplace innovation (including the Bachelor thesis) (25 ECTS)

Complementary competence

  • Innovating Food services (10 ECTS)
  • Tourism Service Developer (40 ECTS)
  • Producer of event services (35 ECTS)

Employment opportunities 

Hospitality Management and Service Design graduates are practically oriented professionals who can work as developers, experts, and managers in different organizations and companies. 

As a graduate, you may work in various roles, such as:

  • Project Manager
  • Event Producer
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Service Design Planner/Expert
  • Customer Service Officer

Eligibility requirements for Separate application Bachelor's degree

An applicant should have completed one of the following degrees: 

  • the syllabus of the Finnish upper secondary school or a matriculation examination 
  • an International Baccalaureate (IB) degree 
  • a European Baccalaureate (EB) degree 
  • Bachelor degree in all countries 
  • Master degree in all countries 
  • a Reifeprüfung (RP) or Deutsche Internationale Abitur (DIA) degree 
  • a Finnish vocational upper secondary qualification with a scope of 120 credits or 180 competence points or an equivalent prior Finnish vocational qualification with a scope of a minimum of 80 credits 
  • a Finnish post-secondary level degree or a vocational tertiary level degree 
  • a Finnish vocational upper secondary qualification, further vocational qualification or specialist vocational qualification or an equivalent prior qualification completed in the form of a competence demonstration 
  • a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, postgraduate licentiate and doctoral degrees. 
  • foreign education that in the country in question provides eligibility to apply to studies in higher education institutions. 

If the language of the degree certificate is not Finnish, Swedish, or English, the applicant must also submit a copy of a translation of the degree certificate, prepared by an official translator. The translation should carry the translator’s name and stamp. 

Laurea University of Applied Sciences verifies the applicants’ eligibility to apply before student admission to the degree awarding program. Admission is conditional until the original eligibility providing degree certificates used in the application have been verified. 

Student admission  

The entrance examination focuses on the applicant’s aptitude to the mathematical-logical reasoning, study readiness and English language skills and the aptitude for the field of study and general study readiness.  

Language certificate requirements

The applicants are also required to have a B2 level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)) proficiency of English language before they are admitted to the degree program.  

The applicants must prove their English language skills by an internationally recognized language test: 

  • IELTS Academic*: a minimum total score of 6.0 (Test sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) 
  • TOEFL Academic (iBT)*: a minimum total score of 60 (Test sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing) 
  • PTE Academic*: a minimum total score of 55 (Test sections: Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening) 
  • Cambridge English Scale Score: a minimum total score of 169 (Test sections: Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening, and Speaking) 
  • * IELTS Academic UKVI, IELTS Online, PTE Academic Online and TOEFL iBT Home Edition are also accepted. 

There are no expiration dates, but the language test results must be verifiable from the online verification service of the organizer. If the test scores can no longer be verified, the test is not valid. The applicant must make sure that the test results are not too old. 

Content of the entrance examinations vary: 

  • Aptitude to the sector
  • Mathematical-logical reasoning  
  • Mathematic skills 
  • Learning and working skills 
  • English language skills, including oral and written language skills. 

Each section of the entrance examinations must be passed at an approved level. 

Student admission is based on the entrance examination, English language skills requirements, and the eligibility of applicants provided by law. The applicant must pass all parts of the entrance examinations.  

See also tuition fees in Laurea UAS

For more information, contact education.export(at)