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What are cross studies between universities

  • Cross-study refers to the opportunity offered to a higher education student to complete studies at another higher education institution.
  • You have a valid study permit at your home university, on the basis of which you can complete your studies.
  • You must be present at your own university.
  • You can choose studies from the offer of another university as agreed by the higher education institutions.
  • In studying, the rules of the university organising the teaching are followed.
  • Before enrolling, make sure that the studies at another university are suitable for your PSP. If you are unsure, ask your teacher tutor or your head of studies for advice.

Cross-study options and Laurea's policies

All the studies presented on this page are free of charge for you and you can complete studies that support your own goals. However, please remember to make sure that the studies fit your degree. Your teacher tutor will help you prepare your study plan if you are unsure about the suitability of another university's studies for your degree.

Cross study networks

3AMK is an alliance of Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia, the purpose of which is to offer a new kind of know-how for the changing working life. The study offer of the Union is multidisciplinary and is divided into ten themes. The offer includes unique joint implementations of Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia, other implementations suitable for the themes from the offer of 3AMK universities and a wide range of language studies. is a common digital study offer portal of Finnish universities of applied sciences, which brings together online course offerings from all 24 universities of applied sciences in Finland.

The KiVANET cooperation network has a wide range of learning paths for different languages from A1 level to C1 level. The courses are open to students from universities participating in the cooperation network. 

Instructions for cross studying students

Below are the registration instructions for cross-study:

Cross-institutional student arriving at Laurea from another university

Laurea's student's enrolment for another university's course