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CERN Bootcamp

The CERN Bootcamp 2020 is cancelled. Due to coronavirus and the current situation we wouldn’t be able to organize the kickoff event as planned, moreover we don’t know if there will be a possibility to travel to Switzerland in June. That is why we decided to cancel the bootcamp now when you still have time to make other arrangements concerning your studies and summer time in general. We also considered the postponement of the bootcamp, but we ended up to the conclusion that it is not an option, when we don’t know how the situation will develop. If you have already done the pre-assignment (or mostly done and willing to finalize it) and want to return it for the assessment, please send it by email to and . They can do the assessment and we can discuss how to give you the earned credits (1,5 ects) of it.

Multidisciplinary Master´s Studies

CERN BootCamp is an innovative study concept, which is co-created together with CERN, universities and companies for each implementation. BootCamp provides a unique international learning experience to the group of Master’s degree students with multidisciplinary educational background. The focus of the studies is to solve societal problems or challenges of the case organizations by applying service design methods to have a genuinely people centered, empathetic approach.

There will be 25 places available for the Bootcamp

  • 20 master’s degree students from Haaga-Helia/Laurea/Metropolia
  • 2-5 students from Universities of Helsinki/Aalto/Jyväskylä/Lappeenranta-Lahti/Tampere

The selection of students will be made based on the students’ study achievements, phase of studies, motivation to participate, interaction skills, and the information provided in the application form and group discussion. In addition, multidisciplinarity of the student group will be taken into account in the selection process. 

The work in Bootcamp will mainly be done in teams so the students are expected to be commited to teamwork during the whole Bootcamp process and in the assignments.

There are two sustainable development goals (SDG) that we want to address in 2020: SDG3 and SDG12. Study them carefully and select the goal you are particularly interested in.

CERN Bootcamp 2020

Ready for CERN Bootcamp 2020?

Application period: 17th January - 9th February 2020

Detailed application schedule 2020:

  • Application period: 17th January - 9th February 2020
    Application form:
  • Pre-selection of students (based on the student's study achievements, phase of studies, and the information provided in the application form): by 17th February 2020
  • Group discussion: 25th February 2020 between 12-18, at Haaga-Helia Pasila
  • Student selection: latest 9th March 2020


CERN Bootcamp 2020 consists of: 

  • Kickoff days: 3rd–4th April 2020, 9-16.30 Laurea Leppävaara
  • Intensive week Switzerland/Geneva 8th -12th June 2020 (departure to Switzerland already on 7th June 2020)

Pre-assignments as well as reflective post-assignment are also included to the studies. Extent of the studies is UAS 10 ects, UH/HIP 5 ects. 

After accomplishing CERN Bootcamp students will be able to apply service design approach and basic tools to design sustainable innovations. They will adopt a holistic approach to all aspects of service innovation and development and will be able to act as a developer in open innovation networks.


Travelling costs to/from Switzerland and accommodation at the CERN hostel are mainly covered by the universities of applied sciences. The costs for the students in Switzerlad consist mainly of bus or tram tickets to get around and also breakfast, lunch and dinner costs.

When travelling to Switzerland please notice that Switzerland is not an EU-country. It is important that you ensure that all the needed travelling documents are valid before the trip. The students have to apply for needed documents by themselves.


CERN IdeaSquare

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Ojasalo& Kaartti: Multidisciplinary Bootcamp for Master’s Students in CERN Ideasquare. In Antikainen M., Holmström S., Majakulma A., Piipponen T. (Eds.)., (2019). Collaboration Counts: Experiences in Internationalisation from Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia, pp. 70-75 , In: Laurea Julkaisut | Laurea Publications, Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

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