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Business Administration online students completed their first semester

The first autumn of studies was busy for the online students of Business Administration.

Pertti Rytinki and Marjo Telkkälä

News 2.2.2018

​Last autumn, the first group of students to complete the Bachelor of Business Administration degree entirely online started their studies in Laurea. The 60 students who started studying in this programme included Marjo Telkkälä from Helsinki and Pertti Rytinki from Lappeenranta, who we interviewed for the first time during the orientation day in September. In January, it was time to meet them again and ask how the first autumn of the online degree programme had gone.

- After the first semester, we can definitely recommend online studies but this is by no means easy. Credits do not accumulate by themselves, but for us, this kind of studying is a good option, Marjo and Pertti summarise.

For both Marjo and Pertti, studies have proceeded at a good pace during the autumn and the freedom offered by online studying to choose when and where to study has been suitable for both. At the same time, studying according to one’s own schedules has also been a challenge and it has been necessary to pay particular attention to time management.

- As a father of three, I must say that especially at the beginning of the studies, scheduling was challenging and there was hardly any time for hobbies. In addition, a lot of support and encouragement is also required from the family when the father buries himself in books or works on the computer in the evenings and at weekends, says Pertti Rytinki.
- The autumn was quite rough, but if you were to ask me now whether I would do it again, I would definitely say ‘yes’. Studying has been really rewarding!