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Project studies prepare for working life

I started my Business Management P2P studies at Laurea in 2012. Immediately at the beginning of my studies, I got the feeling that this study format was perfect for me. Unlike in the “normal studies”, cooperation with customer companies started during the first few weeks. I found that the projects made it easier to “get one’s foot in the door”, and that this was very useful right from the start, even though my career was just beginning. What would be a more convenient way to establish contacts with businesses than carrying out projects for real companies?

News 6.11.2018

The tangible benefits provided by the P2P method of implementation became evident to me, at the latest, when I received the opportunity to complete my work placement at the Individual Taxation Unit of the Finnish Tax Administration through the contact person of one of our projects. Managing has always been fairly natural to me, and this feeling was further strengthened by the contents of the studies and the role assignments in the projects. The studies had a considerable impact on my career plan. Being in the role of a project manager felt perfect for me and encouraged me to seek positions in which I could utilise the contents of the studies and the practical experience I steadily accumulated in the projects.

Project implementation involved plenty of soul-searching concerning how much I was willing to invest in the projects and which role feels the most comfortable. I was employed as a project manager during my studies. This was absolutely partially due to the fact that I was able to demonstrate my competence to the employer more clearly through the projects. Project work also helped me find more courage and skills to bring up my own ideas and thoughts regarding my work at the beginning of my career.

Starting a new job was certainly smoother than it would have been without the project competence accumulated during my studies. By the time I was employed, I had already formed a good understanding of what the process of project implementation entails. I absolutely recommend the P2P programme to proactive students who are interested in practice-oriented studying. At least for me, this implementation method made it fairly easy to find my own career path.

Sini-Emilia Tuominen,

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