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Nurse alumni Parisa: "I feel like my job is meaningful”

Alumni interview with Parisa Farzanehkari who graduated from the English-language nursing degree programme.

Alumni Parisa Farzanehkari

Parisa Farzanehkari graduated as a nurse from Laurea’s English-language degree programme in 2018. Farzanehkari has gained experience in various nursing tasks and currently works as a nurse anesthetist in a Surgery and Anesthesia Unit for neurosurgery. 

- When it comes to nursing, I especially enjoy being able to do meaningful work. I get to help people who are suffering from critical diseases, and it’s always a great feeling to see your patients recover and feel better.

In addition to its meaningfulness, Parisa likes that her work is challenging. The challenges always give her new opportunities to learn, and it is what makes her work interesting.

Nursing work emphasises the significance of communication and teamwork skills. Other important skills include stress management and the ability to act in emergency situations.

- Work in the operating room requires close cooperation between the entire team, and clear communication is especially important during operations, says Farzanehkari.

Laurea students learn by doing

Looking back, Farzanehkari comments on the versatility of her studies at Laurea, especially learning by doing.

- Our studies were a mix of theory, simulation exercises and practical placements in actual working environments. In practical placement, we got to apply the theories we learned in practice straight away, which was great, Farzanehkari recalls.

- Looking back, I appreciate the skilled teachers at Laurea and their encouragement and support. 

Farzanehkari encourages nursing students to try to integrate into the labour market as soon as their studies make it possible and to make the most of practical placements with the support of instructors.

- If you like the place where you are doing your placement, don’t hesitate to ask if you can keep working there in the future as well, Farzanehkari encourages.

“I want to keep developing my skills”

Already during her studies, Farzanehkari had a clear goal to get to work as an operating room nurse. She chose her practical placements to give her as much experience as possible of working in the surgical ward. After graduation, she found employment in her preferred care work and has been able to work in versatile nursing tasks.

Farzanehkari describes herself as curious and as someone who has a constant desire to learn new things and to study more. Currently, Farzanehkari is studying in the English-language Master’s Degree Programme in Future Health and Technology at the University of Turku.

- In the future, my goal is to be influential in the health care sector. I am doing my best to pursue that goal.

Alumni Story: Parisa Farzanehkari

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