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Key partner, StaffPoint: A clearer employer image through social media

Service Business Management students helped develop StaffPoint's employer image and employee availability.


The purpose of the project, which was jointly implemented by Laurea key partner StaffPoint and Service Business Management students, was to develop StaffPoint's employer image and employee availability. The key partnership was established with Finland’s largest human resources company at the beginning of 2020.

StaffPoint’s Development Manager Mira Elo feels that the cooperation has got off to a good start:

- This was our first project with Laurea and we’re so happy that there’s more to come, says Elo.

Service Business Management students Tiia Nuutinen and Marianna Hulvela, who participated in the project, explain that the aim was also to influence employee availability.

- StaffPoint has a strong internal employer image. Our goal was to also convey that image outwardly, says Nuutinen and Hulvela.

Elo says that she is enthusiastic about the joint project. According to him, an honest employer image is important for employee availability:

- Companies often have an idea or general view of their own employer image. If you start building on that idea without extensively charting it out, the end result may not be good. We wanted to conduct a broader external study of our employer image, and thought that this could be an interesting and rewarding student project.

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