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A new MBA programme for stronger security management competence

Laurea’s Smart Security MBA programme develops competence in comprehensive security and security management.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences will launch a completely new Smart Security MBA programme in security management next year. The programme will support the development of comprehensive security and harmonisation of information security of companies. The MBA programme is designed for individuals in expert and management positions, who want to deepen their security competence and security management skills.

Among other things, the programme develops competence in managing security as part of a company’s business operations and in understanding the digital operating environment from the perspective of security. At the same time, the participants will obtain tangible tools and methods for managing and developing projects in security management.

Laurea’s partners in implementing the MBA programme are the Hungarian Cyber Services and EK-Tieto Oy, the training services company of the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK).

- Security management needs high-quality training opportunities at all levels, starting from the basic studies. From the business perspective, this MBA programme integrating security sector competence with the competence needs of business operations and the future is particularly important, says Mika Susi, Chief Policy Adviser at EK, who also teaches corporate security at EK-Tieto Oy.

Completing the 60-credit programme takes 1.5 to 2 years and can be achieved while working. The Smart Security MBA programme consists of three elements: management and business operations studies, security management studies and a development assignment that the participants complete for their own organisations.

- A practical challenge in security management is incorporating security and risk management in the daily activities of personnel as a whole. The MBA programme helps find solutions to this challenge, Soili Martikainen, MBA Programme Director at Laurea, emphasises.

Laurea is the only higher education institution in Finland that provides both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree education in safety, security and risk management. At the same time, Laurea is among the leading organisations of security research in Finland and has extensive international networks.

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