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The European Pioneer Alliance addresses the challenges of urban development

Laurea is a member in an alliance of six higher education institutions encompassing all fields of science and levels of education.


Laurea University of Applied Sciences is involved in the Pioneer Alliance for urban development together with five other European higher education institutions. The cooperation is aimed at developing and implementing teaching, RDI activities and personnel exchanges that promote international sustainable urban development.

The Pioneer higher education institutions include a total of 93,000 students, 8,500 staff members and 17 city campuses in six European countries. The other members of the alliance in addition to Laurea are Université Gustave Eiffel from France, ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon from Portugal, TH Köln from Germany, the National Technological University of Athens from Greece and the University of Zilina from Slovakia.

The alliance brings together scientific universities and universities of applied sciences, different levels of education from bachelor level education to doctoral education, and all different fields of science. The starting point is specifically multidisciplinary and multiprofessional cooperation, in which different approaches complement each other.

The aim of cooperation is to find new, creative solutions to the global challenges of urban development. The spearhead areas in teaching and research activities include carbon-neutral urban areas, sustainable tourism and housing, technological solutions for smart cities and the strengthening of resilience through safety and risk management. 

Co-development and close cooperation with cities, companies, organisations and citizens play a key part in achieving the alliance's objectives.

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