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New LbD publication aims to stimulate discussion

A new book on LbD was launched at the Laurea Leppävaara campus.

Laurea’s pedagogic action model, Learning by Developing (LbD), will soon strengthen its role as the new organisational structure is put into practice. This is being celebrated with a new LbD book that combines theory and practice in one volume, and discusses the role of LbD in changing the organisation’s operating culture.

The book launch was held at the Laurea Leppävaara campus on 24 January. The classroom in which the book launch took place was filled with people, including guests, members of the editorial board and some of the authors, who gave speeches to summarise the main points of their articles.

The opening remarks were given by Katri Ojasalo, Vice President of Laurea, who briefly explained the concept of LbD and called for a public debate on the relationship between LbD and digitalisation in particular. Katariina Raij, often cited as the mother of LbD, shed light on the theoretical basis of LbD. Read the entire interview with Raij here.

In her speech, Kirsi Hyttinen, Senior Manager for Research at Laurea, focused on the relationship between learning and technology and the related Gaming for Peace project. A more detailed overview of the project and the resulting educational game can be found here.

Principal Lecturer and Docent Jyrki Suomala’s witty and informal presentation of brain research and generic learning was well received by the audience. He emphasised in particular the importance of teaching effective learning methods and comprehensive reasoning.

Senior Lecturer Tuija Marstio together with Principal Lecturer Anssi Mattila sought to answer questions raised at the beginning of the occasion about the relationship between LbD and digitalisation and related challenges. Based on interviews for the article, the challenges of digitalisation were found to be mainly pedagogical rather than technological.

The last speech was given by Susanna Niinistö-Sivuranta, Director of Development at the University of Helsinki. Among other things, she explored the benefits of LbD in pedagogical management. According to her, one of the strong points of the concept is the opportunity to choose several different routes to achieve the goals.

The event ended in cheerful high spirits and the clinking of glasses filled with sparkling wine.