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Laurea's RDI activities received a Recognised by EFQM award at the Quality Day event

Laurea has received a Recognised by EFQM award.

Laurea has been recognised again at the Quality Day event organised by Excellence Finland on 10 November. An external EFQM assessment was carried out for Laurea's research, development and innovation activities, and now Laurea has received a Recognised by EFQM award.

Laurea's RDI activities received excellent feedback in the EFQM assessment. They considered the clear and participatory strategy in which RDI is strongly involved as a special strength of Laurea. The assessment feedback states that our strategic choices related to RDI activities, such as selected research programmes and the concept of regional development activities as a key partner model, have proved to be functional solutions.

The EFQM assessment also highlighted the integration of teaching and RDI and dialogue with partners as strong points. Laurea’s pedagogical model, LbD (Learning by Developing), supports the integration of learning and RDI projects as well as the dialogue with Laurea's partners, such as regional actors, funders and alumni.

The operating and financial planning process (OFP) was also praised, as it concretises the strategic objectives as part of annual planning and the planning of the personnel's job descriptions. From the perspective of RDI activities, successful examples include project preparation and monitoring processes.

The aim of the assessment is to enable Laurea to utilise the assessments of an external group in the long-term development of our RDI activities. They mentioned more detailed monitoring of the influence of RDI activities as one area of development.

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