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Laurea graduates: Workplace competence is Laurea’s greatest strength

In the survey conducted among graduates of 2019, Laurea received a high score for career services.

The national AVOP survey provides graduating university of applied sciences students an opportunity to assess and provide feedback on their education.

The 2019 graduates gave Laurea an excellent score, and by nationwide comparison, Laurea was ranked extremely high for workplace competence, in particular. The survey conducted at Laurea was responded to by all of the nearly 1,800 Bachelor’s or Master’s degree graduates of 2019.

President, CEO Jouni Koski of Laurea University of Applied Sciences President is very proud of Laurea graduates, who have had an excellent employment level for a long time:

-    It is great to see that our workplace competence is the very aspect that the graduates value, President and CEO Koski says.

Support for students’ employment

Career services provided by Laurea are particularly appreciated by Laurea graduates. In the comparison of universities of applied sciences, Laurea is number one in the following statements: “I have received sufficient support in career management during my studies”,“I know where and how to seek work suitable for me”, “During my studies, I have received enough information on workplace practices”, and “During my studies, I have been sufficiently instructed and advised on how to effectively apply for work”.

One of the key factors behind the positive feedback, according to Vice President (Education) Katri Ojasalo, is the fact that all students complete a career management study unit that continues throughout their studies. In addition, the students are offered workshops on seeking employment and they have the opportunity to participate in career counselling one-on-one or in a small group.

-    All this supports the students in finding employment, and this is something that Laurea graduates have ranked at the top for years, Ojasalo continues.

Workplaces as learning environments

Co-operation with companies plays a key role in the studies at Laurea. This was also demonstrated in the survey conducted among the graduating students, in which Laurea ranked among the top universities of applied sciences in statement “I was offered adequate opportunities to participate in studies that included cooperation with workplaces”.

Laurea also achieved a shared first place in statement “Workplaces were used as versatile learning environments in my studies”.

Laurea’s library and IT services also received positive feedback from the graduates. In statement “The library and IT services supported my learning”, Laurea was also ranked the first.

The results of the AVOP survey can be accessed in the Vipunen Education Statistics Finland.