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Kenyan students continue their studies at Laurea - payment plan for students with payment difficulties

In its meeting the board of Laurea University of Applied Sciences decided that the studies of all nursing and physiotherapy students from Uasin Gishu of Kenya who are residing in Finland will continue at Laurea for the time being.

The right to study for students who have run into difficulties due to the unclear payment situation will not be terminated for the time being. In addition, Laurea is offering payment plans and support to find financial solutions for students in financial difficulties.

Degree students studying in Finland now have until August 15th 2023 to pay the fees for the second semester. The right to study will be terminated on August 31st 2023 for those students who have not paid at least two-thirds of the fee for the second semester by August 15th 2023. For students who have paid at least two thirds of the fees, the remaining part is settled as a monthly payment without interest, and the student and Laurea personnel make a payment plan together. If the student believes that she/he is unable to meet the payments, the studies will end. The fees will be returned to students who end their studies, as far as their payment exceeds the part of semester they participated. Laurea personnel informs those who end their studies about other educational opportunities in Finland, such as for example, practical nurse studies as an apprenticeship.  

Laurea's Board of Directors also decided that the studies of students in degree education in Kenya will be continued in Finland, if the students have paid the tuition fee in full for the starting semester and if the group size is sufficient. The same applies to students who have completed their pathway studies in Kenya but have not yet started in degree education. If necessary, Laurea will organise the groups, but in such a way that the quality of teaching is not compromised. 

Laurea staff will support students and help them to identify job opportunities in their field in Finland. Finding job opportunities or, for example, an apprenticeship at secondary level, is particularly important for students whose studies at Laurea would end for the time being due to the payment situation. Laurea's experts will help students find alternatives for financing the studies, for example with the support of potential employers.  

The unclear situation with the fees has been an undue burden for students. Laurea makes every effort to support students. We hope that this solution will bring some relief to the difficult situation faced by students.   

- The fees have put some students and families under severe financial and emotional pressure. In accordance with the legislation on commissioned education, Laurea cannot disregard the fees, but we can allow more time for payment. As a higher education community, we want to show our support for students and their families within the limits of what we can do in this situation, says president Jouni Koski. 

Laurea will commission an external report on education export operations in the fall of 2023 to further develop the operations. 

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