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Cybersecurity company Nixu becomes Laurea’s key partner

Nixu wants to find new cybersecurity professionals through cooperation with Laurea.

Laurea key partner Nixu
Emma Wardi (2nd on the right) from Nixu met with Laurea's managing director Jouni Koski and other staff members.

Cybersecurity service provider Nixu has concluded an agreement on key partnership with Laurea. The company established in Espoo in 1988 currently employs more than 400 people and in addition to Finland, also has operations in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. 

Approximately 280 of the employees work in Finland and the company offers consultation services in cybersecurity especially to larger companies. In addition, Nixu also offers continuous services in which the data communications of client companies are monitored. 

-  Our company focuses 100 per cent on cybersecurity, explains Emma Wardi, who is responsible for recruitments at Nixu. 
-  We do only cybersecurity and, at the same time, all cybersecurity – comprehensively. 

Laurea and Nixu have now concluded the key partnership agreement but have already been working together in connection with the Business Information Technology programme for several years. Especially in the English-language Degree Programme in Business Information Technology, cybersecurity workshops led by specialists from Nixu have been organised, among other things. The cooperation carried out in the Degree Programme in Business Information Technology has contributed to several students from Laurea having found employment at Nixu. 

What Nixu especially wants is to find new employees through the intensifying cooperation with Laurea as a result of the key partnership: 

-  We want to offer students an opportunity to get to know Nixu and what we do. And of course, we want to recruit new experts who are passionate about cybersecurity, Emma Wardi says. 


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