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Mentorointiohjelma opiskelijoille ja alumneille

Haluaisitko tukea kansainvälisiä opiskelijoita oman urapolun löytämisessä Suomessa ja jakaa osaamistasi? Haemme nyt alumneja mentoreiksi opiskelijoillemme. Aikaisempaa kokemusta ei tarvita, aito innostus ja halu riittää. Lue lisää alta ja ilmoittaudu mukaan!

Wish to act as a mentor?
Mentoring program for international talents – apply now!

Would you like to support international degree-seeking students in finding their own career path in Finland? Do you want to share your knowledge and expertise? No previous experience is needed, enthusiasm and desire to help are enough. Come and join us!

Laurea and Metropolia UAS:s (in cooperation with Suomen mentorit) will be organizing a mentoring program aimed at international degree-seeking students in the fields of business, engineering, hospitality, and IT. The program is mainly targeted at students in their second or third year.

What is required of a mentor?

•    You are interested in supporting the mentee in her/his professional growth and willing to help clarify her/his career goals
•    You are willing to share insights and knowledge regarding Finnish working life
•    You are working for a company operating in Finland, in a position that matches your educational background
•    You are able and willing to use a certain amount of time (4-5 meetings with the mentee) during the program implementation 01 - 03/2023

In terms of the goal of the national Talent Boost program, we are also interested in mapping job opportunities at your company after mentoring. It would be great if you could find out about possible job opportunities in your work environment. This is not a requirement for acting as a mentor.

What is mentoring about?

Mentoring program
•    is a process that supports the professional growth and development of participants
•    is a process where an experienced professional acts as a mentor to another person (a mentee).
•    is based on conversations, exchange of experiences, and mutual learning
•    is sharing new ideas and perspectives, not only sharing information
•    supports graduation of students and their contacts to business life and creates contacts between business and UAS
•    enables the exchange of tacit knowledge
•    gives an opportunity to revise career objectives
•    builds tools for self-development
•    develops interaction skills
•    deepens professionality

What’s in it for you?

•    developing your intercultural, communicative, and social competences
•    sharing your valuable insights regarding the Finnish labor market
•    improving your language skills (English/Finnish)
•    updating and enhancing your own competencies and skills

Schedule of the program   

•    Kick off 12.1.2023 from 17.00 to 19.30 for both mentors and mentees @Metropolia, Myllypuro campus
•    Mid-term event with the theme: Career building in Finland 15.2.2023 (online), this event is mainly for the mentees
•    Wrap-up meeting 30.3.2023 from 17.00 to 19.30 @Laurea campus Tikkurila
•    4-5 scheduled 1-1 meetings between the mentor and mentee (face-to-face or online) during the program.

Please note that the kick-off and wrap-up meetings take place at the campus, there is no possibility for virtual participation.

Forming the mentoring pairs
The final selection of mentors and mentees will take place by the end of November.  It is good to note that a successful mentoring experience requires enough time. It is hoped you are fully committed to the program.

How to apply?
Apply by the latest 8.11.2022.

Apply here

Contact information
Mari Koski,
Olga Kymäläinen,
Elina Taponen,

This mentoring program is part of the implementation of the national Talent Boost program. #TalentBoost