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Register in Future of Services: Connecting Digital, Physical & Social Spaces -workshop and learn how you can strategically design and re-design data-driven services and digital service offerings with Dr. Mohamed Zaki. Session and materials will be in English


  • Kohderyhmä: Target group: Everyone who is interested of service design, business design and service or business development
  • Hakuaika: 
  • Ajoitus: 
  • Laajuus: Duration: 2 days
  • Sijainti: Location: Vanha maantie 9, Espoo
  • Hinta: Normal price: 2250,00 € + VAT 24%

During the workshop you will participate speed dating, learn the future of data-driven services and customer experience and understand how to design and manage service experience. You will exercise position your service on digital, physical and social spaces, think and innovate the business model and design the experience for your customer.

By the end of the workshop, you are able to recognize how firms can strategically design and re-design data-driven services and digital service offerings. You understand how firms can explore innovation in customer experience at the intersection of the digital, physical and social realms and how tools such as customer experience analytics and DDBM developed in Cambridge can play a role in the next generation of services.



  • Main objectives 

    - Introduce the idea of DDBM, explaining the role that data plays in the next generation of services and customer experience.

    - Provide you with a practical framework for thinking about how you can innovate your business model using data as a key resource.

    - Draw on practical tools, case studies and exercises to help you understand how to design or redesign customer experience that will drive your organization’s success.

  • Benefits for joining 

    What are the benefits for joining the workshop?


    Participants will be able to understand new concepts, frameworks and practical methods to design innovative digital services, customer experience, emotions and data-driven business models. Drawing on practical tools, case studies and exercises from latest research on servitization studies that will drive organisation’s success.

    In addition, participants will be able to know more about the future challenges and opportunities of using digital technologies and platforms (e.g. AI, Digital Twins, etc.) to design and manage the next generations of services. The workshops cover current and developing new thinking and frameworks in the next generation of services, customer experience and data-driven business model (DDBM).

    The perspective adopted is based on practical frameworks, tools and exercises developed by leading academics in Cambridge Service Alliance at the University of Cambridge. Mohamed will introduce industrial trends and challenges of developing services in the digital age. Followed by an introduction to underpinning frameworks and conceptual models of customer experience at the intersection of digital, physical and social. This leads to consideration of the practical activities and processes of positioning the service across the digital, physical and social dimensions.

    Followed up by a session on designing and managing the customer journey and touchpoints. Then, the focus shifts to the data driven business models. After a review of the various value creation and capture dimensions to use data as a key resource, the session concentrates on building business models and generate revenue streams using data as key resource. The theoretical definition of data-driven business models supplemented by case studies drawn from recent research (case of Nettavisen Online Newspaper Publishing.).

  • Program 

    8.30 Networking with breakfast
    9.00 Morning Session
    12.00 Lunch Break
    13.00 Afternoon Session
    14.30 Coffee Break
    14.45 Afternoon Session Continues
    16.00 End of the day

  • Price, registration & cancellation terms 


    Normal price 2250,00 € + VAT 24%

    The price includes coffees and lunches mentioned in the program, and materials.



    Due to the coronavirus workshop will be cancelled from the spring 2020. New date will be announced soon. More information:


    Cancellation terms

    Please note that the registration is binding. By registration, you accept the terms of cancellation. Cancellations must be made by email

    Laurea University of Applied Sciences reserve the right to cancel the course due the lack of participants. In case the organizing party cancels the course, the course fee is fully returned to the participant.

  • Speaker bio: Dr Mohamed Zaki 

    Deputy Director for the Cambridge Service Alliance (CSA) Research Centre at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

    "In 2018, I Co-founded and launched the new CSA funding and membership model.  My research focuses on machine learning and its application on customer experience. My research develops novel data science methods to manage and measure customer experience and predict customer loyalty. Other research interests include digital transformation and data-driven business models.

    I am an Associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I commenced my PhD in data science at University of Manchester. I am a recipient of an international award (2016 and 2017) from the Marketing Science Institute on customer experience analytics and digital customer initiatives. I am leading and managing industrial research projects from IBM, CEMEX, Cisco, BAE Systems, Caterpillar, Rolls Royce, Zoetis, Pearson, GEA Food Manufacturer. I am a steering committee member at the Through-life Engineering Service council and Cambridge Big Data Research Initiative.

    I have many publications in highly ranked journals, including Journal of Service Research, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, PloS ONE, Journal of Production Planning & Control, Journal of Service Marketing as well as book chapters and many IEEE conference articles.”



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