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This is an online course.


  • Hakuaika: 11.-24.9.2023
  • Ajoitus: 2.10.-18.12.2023
  • Laajuus: 2 op
  • Sijainti: Online
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This course is a great way to learn fundamental skills of a modern way of deploying and delivering Digital Services by embracing Agile and DevOps practices.

After this course you’re able to

  • Define digital service and service key concepts
  • Describe the key factors and principles of digitalization of organizations and adoptions of new technologies.
  • Define and discuss the key concepts, DevOps vocabulary
  • Understand DevOps principles and practices
  • Discuss the basics of Agile and software development concept

Introduction to Contents

00 Orientation

01 Digital Service

02 DevOps Essential

Learning material

  • Tutorial Videos & slides
  • Learning tasks for the skills assessments
  • Quiz
  • E-Books
    • 1: Everything you want to know about Agile by Jamie Lynn Cooke, chapter 1 to 5
    • 2: DevOps for Dummies by Emily Freeman, chapter 1- 2

Student's use of time and load

Reading E- books + Articles+Extra material= 25h

Watching Videos= 20h

Quizzes = 2h

Total = 45 hours