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With the development of technology, a well-built website is always an essential step for any business marketing plan to reach the end users. This study unit is designed for students interested in building a website based on their own business Ideas for marketing of products and services offered by the business. The website you develop, will remain in the Azure cloud environment provided to you by Laurea for the duration of this course.


  • Kohderyhmä: Students willing to develop their skills of Web Content
  • Hakuaika: 25.11. - 15.12.2019
  • Ajoitus: 22.1. - 31.5.2020
  • Laajuus: 5 ects
  • Sijainti: Laurea Leppävaara / online
  • Hinta: Free


  • The course is 5 ects (5 opintopistettä), workload being 5x27h = 135h 
  • Contact session for 16 weeks x 2.5h + development tasks 95h
  • Assessment is based on assignment on building a final version of functional website using CMS

Learning goals

  • Identify the role of advanced web content management systems and explain how they deliver value.
  • Compare the features, benefits and applicability of major web content management systems available in the market.
  • Set up a development environment associated with a selected web content management system.
  • Design, develop and implement websites using a selected web content management system.


  • Basic understanding of computer system e.g. using operating system, emails, browser, office, FTP, compressing/uncompressing and uploading/downloading.