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SEO is one of the most practical concepts of web development.


  • Kohderyhmä: Everyone interested in search engine optimization but not attending any university
  • Hakuaika: 
  • Ajoitus: 
  • Laajuus: 5 ECTS
  • Sijainti: Online course in English
  • Hinta: Free of charge

After passing this course, the student will be able to analyze the SEO status of a web application and provide solutions to empower such web application in SEO concepts.

This course is 100% virtual thanks to the comprehensive tutorial videos made for this course.

The student will pass this course after submitting required assignments and the project.


History of Internet - Internet Archive - Internet before Google - Introduction to Search Engines - How do Search Engines work? - Internet Marketing - Search Engine Marketing - What is Search Engine Optimization? - Importance of SEO skill - Why does my website need SEO? - White hat and black hat techniques - The Impact of Usability and User Experience on SEO - Things that matters - Page titles - Meta tags - URLs structure - Site navigation – Headings – Content – Hyperlinks – Images - Meaningful error pages - Web/Mobile - robots.txt file - Disallowing Search Engines - Rel="canonical" - Myths & Misconceptions - Using social media - Search Engine Tools - Alexa Rank - Google Trends - PageSpeed Insights - Introduction to Google Analytics (EXTRA) - Working with Google Analytics (EXTRA)

Evaluation criteria

satisfactory (1-2)

  • The student is familiar with search engines and how they work
  • The student understands why we need SEO
  • The student is familiar with the concept of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Marketing
  • The student can explain the major matters that are important for improving SEO

good (3-4)

  • The student is familiar with the myths and misconceptions in SEO
  • The student can apply matters that are important for improving SEO
  • The student can analyze a SEO status of a website/web page

excellent (5)

  • The student can use Google Analytics and its features
  • The student can use search engine tools to improve SEO on his/her website

Evaluation methods

  • Assignments 35%
  • Quiz 15%
  • Project 35%
  • Essay 15%