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This free online course (MOOC - Massive open online course) is built on an online platform and you can complete it according to your own schedule.

Basic information

  • Application period: 24.11.2023-19.5.2024
  • Date: 1.12.2023-30.6.2024
  • Scope: 2 ECTS
  • Location: Online
  • Price: Free (0€)

Skills you will gain

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Assess the importance of sleep, physical exercise, recovery, nutrition and daily rhythm to your own activities
  • Create a plan for a daily rhythm that suits you
  • Experiment with ways to regulate alertness and concentration and select methods that work for you
  • Recognise mental models that affect the management of your daily life, and learn ways to adjust them to support your own objectives.

Course content

The online activities in the study unit include:

  • Video greetings: Each module starts with a brief greeting that introduces the themes of the module and explains how you will benefit from completing it.
  • Exercises: The modules include various exercises designed to stimulate thinking about the theme and to help you learn in a variety of ways. This group includes various gamified tasks (such as memory games and quizzes) and bodily exercises (such as monitoring bodily sensations).
  • Examples: Most modules include images and associated stories to illustrate the theme of the module in a practical way.
  • Podcasts: Each module includes a few podcasts, which contain the information content of the module. The podcasts provide concise information and practical examples related to the theme of the module. The podcasts are always accompanied by a quick summary of their main content.
  • Multiple-choice tests: In each module, the podcasts are followed by a test related to their content that enables you to assess your learning.
  • Learning assignments: Each module has one or more learning assignments designed to make you think about the themes of the module in relation to you. In some of the learning assignments, you will be asked to make entries in your learning diary, and to share some ideas about what you have learned in the course forum at the end of the module. In some of the learning assignments, you will submit your reflections as a file, or answer a few questions.
  • Discussions: You will complete most of the learning assignments by adding entries to your learning diary. However, the modules are followed by discussions, and you are expected to share some thoughts about the assignments in the course forum.

Teaching methods

This study unit is done independently online and at your own pace in Canvas learning environment. There are no scheduled meetings with either lecturer or other students. Learning is ensured by completing quizes; no personal feedback will be provided by a lecturer. For any questions related to the study unit you can send a message in the Canvas learning environment.

Student workload

Please note that the scope of 2 credits is calculated to include 54 hours of studying. In other words, it is advisable to reserve time in your calendar for completing the study unit. The estimated time used for each module has been calculated according to 54 hours, but since we all have our own way to learn, you may go through the study unit at a slightly different pace.

Learning material

All materials, which include podcasts, videos and quizes, can be found in the Canvas learning environment.

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