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  • Kohderyhmä: persons interested in taking advantage of technological and other innovations in order to improve social and health care
  • Hakuaika: 4.12.2019 - 27.2.2020
  • Ajoitus: 2.3. - 7.5.2020
  • Laajuus: 5 cr
  • Sijainti: Tikkurila
  • Hinta: 75 €

Course contents

  • best practices for using technological solutions for social and health services in different countries
  • end-users as co-developers of technological solutions and services
  • different eServices promoting health and wellness-technology and the challenges of the aging population
  • innovative examples from different EU and other projects
  • empowering clients and patients through different methods of self-expression and social connectivity

Some of the themes approached are multidiciplinary perspectives, gamification, enhanced end-user engagement, eServices, empowerment, social connectivity, quality of life, inclusion through digital skills and AI-based services. Also, the concept of sustainability as well as the future of circular economy is studied during the course.

Study unit consists of lectures, field visits and seminars. There will be both individual and group assignments and a project work.

For the final written assignment, the students can choose a topic of their interest.

Learning outcomes of the course

The student is able to

  • identify current technological solutions and innovations for social and health care
  • recognize differences and similarities in challenges related to the aging of global population, such as loneliness and changes in service structures
  • evaluate methods for developing technological solutions for social and health care
  • gain more project based learning, know-how and competence in utilizing ideas of technology for social and health care
  • analyse ethical aspects in health and wellness related technology

Study material

Course materials are provided during the course.


Grading is between 0 - 5.

To achieve grade 5 student must be able to

  • analyse the acquired information, draw conclusions and combine theoretical knowledge with experiential knowledge

To achieve grade 3 student must be able to

  • critically evaluate information and justify their actions with science-based knowledge

To achieve grade 1 (or pass) student must be able to

  • use professional concepts in a consistent manner and demonstrate his/her familiarity with the knowledge basis
  • report and communicate in a professional manner


The contact classes are held at Tikkurila campus:

Mon 02 Mar 2020 09:00–15:45 (room B406)
Wed 25 Mar 2020 12:30–15:45 (room B406)
Tue 14 Apr 2020 08:30–11:45 (room B401)
Wed 22 Apr 2020 08:30–11:45 (room B208)
Wed 22 Apr 2020 12:30–15:45 (room B208)
Thu 07 May 2020 08:30–11:45 (room B202)
Fri 08 May 2020 08:30–11:45 (room B202)
Tue 12 May 2020 08:30–11:45 (room B407)

You need to attend a minimum of 70% of the classes. More information regarding attendance is available on course site in

Changes to the schedule are possible.

There are 15 seats for open UAS students.