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Innoguide 2.0. ‘Guiding as a trigger for a more sustainable, diverse and exciting Europe! Stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of guiding.’

Innoguide2.0 hankkeessa kehitetään matkaoppaille suunnattua verkkoalustaa palvelumuotoilun menetelmin. Lisäksi palvelumuotoilun työvälineitä kehitetään matkaopasorganisaatioiden kehittämistyön tueksi.

  • Toteutusaika:1.9.2014 - 31.8.2016
  • Rahoittaja:Erasmus+ KA2
  • Tutkimusalue:
  • Projektityyppi:International RDI

The European project Innoguide 2.0 is further developing an online platform for guides, guide trainers and guide organisations. The overall ambitions of Innoguide are two-fold:
1.    To stimulate entrepreneurship among guides and guide trainers
2.    To stimulate and develop the entrepreneurial qualities of guide organisations
In today’s society the world of guiding is evolving and challenges in terms of dealing with intercultural encounters and creating a sustainable and lively tour are just around the corner. The guiding industry is facing increasing demands and the Innoguide project partners want to tackle these issues and offer support.
Rationale for the project is:

  • to promote the online platform and organizing train-the-trainer workshops
  • to improve the service quality of guide organizations and stimulate their entrepreneurial mind-set