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Degree Programme in Business Management

Graduates will have essential skills in teamwork, communication and project work. As a key element of their studies, students collaborate with lecturers and experts from business life to work on various projects and authentic business challenges in an international environment. Students have the possibility to specialize in marketing, accounting or facility management. They can also choose study modules from partner universities abroad or other Laurea degree programs.
Business graduates are practically oriented and can work in different organizations and companies as experts and managers. They are able to employ analytical skills in decision-making and will have the competence to establish and operate their own enterprises.

The competence modules

• Business and Entrepreneurship knowledge which focus on either Financial Planning and Accounting, Marketing, Facility Management (30 cr in Finnish and 30 cr in English)
• Service Innovation Development
• Work Community Expertise

For more information about studies in the Degree Programme in Business Management see description and curriculum at our Study Guide or contact the Head of Student Affairs Mari Koski,

How to Apply

Please read through the certificate requirements (includes English language skills requirements), entrance exams and application instructions available at How to apply.



Bachelors degree programme

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Tradenomi

Duration of studies

210 cr, 3.5 years

Language of studies


In which campus will I study?

Leppävaara Campus

Next application

10. - 25.1.2017​

More information

Head of Student affairs,
Mari Koski
Email: mari.koski(at) 




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