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Student well-being refers to an area in well-being that specifically supports studying and being a student. It encompasses a sufficient level of competence, being in control, feeling good about studying, being flexible and interested, and having realistic impressions of your possibilities and prospects as a student. In the face of setbacks, you are able to cope with problems within a reasonable time, and in a way that does not compromise your sense of well-being.

Student wellbeing is actively supported at Laurea

Supporting student well-being is a collective effort for everyone at Laurea. The aim of teachers and other staff is, in their everyday work, to acknowledge and support the well-being of students. For example, there is a student wellbeing group in at every Laurea unit, whose goal is to promote the studies and well-being of students. In addition to these groups, Laurea offers the services of  a student counselling psychologist, a student social counsellor for international students, and a student nurse. Laurea also co-operates with the local student pastors.
There are several support groups available during every academic year. Previous groups have worked on solving anxiety problems and improved their participants' everyday life and relationship skills.

Health Care

Students at universities of applied sciences in Finland are entitled to use municipal ‎health care services at their place of study, regardless of their municipality of residence. ‎
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Student health care services include monitoring the health-related conditions of study facilities and providing medical ‎and dentistry services to students. Medical services include health education, checkups, screenings, vaccinations and ‎other preventive measures (Instructions of the Finnish Health Care Administration for Student Health Care at Health ‎Centres, 3/1986).‎
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Laurea UAS  organise its student health care services separately for each campus. Students can contact the nurse ‎confidentially in all health-related issues. In issues related to substance abuse or mental health, nurses can provide ‎guidance and advice on where to seek help.