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Learning by Developing pedagogical concept​

Pedagogical concept Learning by Developing (LbD) is internationally well-known learning model created and used in daily basis at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. The model has induced many international co-operational projects for us and we have been severally recognized with many prizes as a national level.

The pedagogical approach in LbD is an innovative operation model based on authenticity, partnership, experimental learning and research.

Come and learn new ways of teaching! 

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Information about the pedagogical concept consultancy

The consultancy includes guiding how to do practical projects with real organizations and companies. The Learning by Developing model is built on a development project that is genuinely rooted in the working life. LbD aims to produce new practices and collaborations between lecturers, students and working life experts.

To whom

Educational institutions

Content and results

The consultancy includes tailor made consulting, training and mentoring.

As a result the customers will learn modern learning theories and how to implement projects with partners form working life. Students learn to implement theory into the practice.


LBD4ALL - Learning by Developing (LbD) action models' adaptation for comprehensive schools

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