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Information Security Study Course​

Study Courses can be tailored from every teaching branch Laurea UAS offers i.e. Service Business, Security Management and Social and Health Care. In study courses, 1 credit equals 27 hours of work for the students. Teaching methods varies depending on the subject and students' background. Study course fees varies depending on the length and the content of the course as well as the required side services such as accommodation, meals, travelling tickets etc. Teaching can be given in Finnish or in English.

"Information Security" –study course includes around 4-5 weeks teaching with example-based lectures and distance learning combined - English as a working language.

Information about the study course

Learn how to plan and manage information security with up-to-date methods in your organization. The study course provides the basic knowledge and skills to information security management, risk management, protection and formulating continuity plans – tailored depending on the length of the study course.

To whom

For all who want to update their current knowledge on information security.

Content and results

The study course is implemented by combining example-based lectures and distance learning. Later the knowledge and skills will be used in an information security related project that can be linked to student's own working environment as developing tasks etc.

During the study course you will learn to understand, plan and implement information security in a real life organization through a project. The content will enable the student to plan relevant information security plans.




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