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Research permits

Whenever a study targets Laurea as an organisation, Laurea students or personnel, or some of them, a research permit is required.

Getting a research permit

Research permit application.

The research permit application together with its attachements is sent by email to the address: 

A research plan is required as an attachment. After sending the application wait patiently until you hear from the handling process of your application. Applications are handled on a first come, first served basis and centrally usually once a week. It is the applicant's responsibility to send the application in good time for the study schedule. The target time for the handling process is  two weeks.

Granting a research permit

Research permits are granted primarily for projects which are significant from the point of view of the development of Laurea's expertise as a whole. The registries are not intended for the use of individual practice work, and this applies to requests concerning Laurea's registries coming from both outside the organisation and from the inside. Permission may be granted on a case-by-case basis to projects which are linked with a thesis, a master's thesis, a licentiate’s thesis, or a doctoral thesis, or if they have a significant international or national goal.

By limiting the use of registries, our aim is to guarantee data security, ensure the validity of the research, and to avoid survey fatigue.

Please note the guidelines regarding  scientific research data files.

Handling material within the framework of research

A condition for handing out material and giving a research permit is that the person conducting the research must commit to handling the information in accordance with legislation on handling personal information and privacy protection. The producer of the research is also obligated to use the material in a confidential manner and only for the production of the research stated in the research permit application, and securing the privacy and anonymity of those being researched. Upon completion of the research, the material must be destroyed in an appropriate manner.

The applicant for the research permit must deliver the positive decision to the person who is responsible for handing over the material through the application used by Laurea University of Applied Sciences. A person who is granted a related research permit should also agree on the practical arrangements for conducting the survey.

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