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Laurea publications

92. Ranta & Martikainen (2018)
Sheltering Indoors in Educational Institutions
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The guide focuses on shelter-in-place exercises, the effectiveness of which is improved by means of good planning. One of the key tasks of educational institutions is to identify, analyse and treat the risks that can threaten its operations and to decide what kind of risks the educational institution considers so likely that it is important to practice for them. The exercises need to be attended by the whole educational institute community: the staff, pupils or students and other stakeholders. In a true emergency, every member of the educational institute community must know how to collaborate with others. Safety is not truly under control until the entire educational institution community practices it together by planning, training and taking action in a true emergency.

91. Martikainen & Ranta (2018)

A Safe Event - Guidelines for Event Organisers at Schools and Higher Education Institutions
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Today, schools and universities function actively as event organisers. This guidebook was generated by the need to offer a safe and, therefore, a successful event experience to everyone attending such events. The purpose of this guide is to provide event organisers at schools and universities with a solid foundation on which they can build other planning of the event. When safety and security have been taken into account in the very first stages of event planning and included in the relevant plans and actions to be taken, at the final stretches, you can focus on other important work for ensuring a successful event. 

90. Guilland (ed.) (2018)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Old Memory Shake: Handbook on Memory Training (PDF)                                                                                                                                              

Memory tasks in Estonian and Russian (PDF)
Memory tasks in Finnish and Swedish (PDF)
Memory tasks in Lithuanian (PDF)

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This handbook was created as a part of the OLMES project. OLMES stands for Old Memory Shake. The goal of the project was to improve older adults learning abilities and opportunities in Estonia, Lithuania and Finland by sharing the knowledge of older people memory training. The second objective was to develop the complete workbook which consists of group and individual tasks for older people memory training.

86. Hyttinen, Hario & Österlund (eds.) (2017)
Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities (IEC) in EU conflict prevention (PDF)
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As the European Union tries to increase its influence and relevance in EU external actions, it first has to reach a common understanding on how to, in the most efficient way possible, embark on this journey. A journey, which has the possibility to make a real difference and impact generations to come, if the EU has done its homework properly. This publication, based on the Improving the Effectiveness of the Capabilities in EU conflict prevention (IECEU) – project (funded by the European Commission H2020 Research Programme) provides lessons identified from eight different case studies and recommendations for the EU on how to improve the effectiveness and capabilities in future crisis management operations and conflict prevention, whether they be civilian, military or a combination of both. 

77. Guilland (ed.) 2017
SOCCES Handbook - Assessment of Transversal Competences (PDF)
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This handbook was created as a part of  the SOCCES project. This handbook provides teachers with the means: 1) to define and describe the entrepreneurial and social competences for their students, 2) support students with the development of the competences and 3) assess and provide feedback to their students on how they are progressing in the development of entrepreneurial and social competences.  Learners it provides with: 1) the means to describe, self-assess and benchmark their entrepreneurial and social competences, 2) the language to articulate these competences to others such as teachers and employers and 3) the means to develop with them in an accessible, virtually enabled environment.

76. Hyttinen (2017)
Project Management Handbook (PDF)
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In almost every organisation, projects are planned and run on a daily basis. At the same time, we are living in a hectic world with no time for massive reading exercises. This handbook aims to support both perspectives: to run projects smoothly, and to quickly find topics that are relevant to readers. The main objective of the Project Management Handbook (PMH) is to provide an overall understanding of successful project management and project implementation. It focuses to support and help managers and project teams to the successful completion of their projects.

72. Aholaakko, Komulainen, Majakulma & Niinistö-Sivuranta (eds.) (2016)
Crossing borders and creating future competences (PDF)
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This publication introduces good models of research-oriented learning under the theme ”Together we are stronger”. The articles describe the teaching, research, experimentation and development carried out in the field of innovative pedagogy. The articles depict, for example, how research-oriented learning has been developed in cooperation between Laurea and partners abroad and what kind of new pedagogical solutions have been produced by applying Laurea’s research-oriented learning model “LbD Action Model” (Learning-by-Developing Action Model).

68. Hirvikoski, Lehto & Äyväri (2016)
Development and experimentation platform for social, health and wellbeing services in the context of Kalasatama health and wellbeing centre (PDF)
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This report is the result of a consulting work done by Laurea experts on the commission of the Department of Social Services and Health Care, Helsinki and Helsinki Business Hub. The aim of the consulting work was to construct a framework for the development and experimentation platform to be utilized in co-creation and testing new social and health care services especially in the context of the Kalasatama Health and Wellbeing Center to be opened in 2018. 

55. Tarkkanen & Aro (2015)
The Cross-Border Photonics Iniative- demonstration research report
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This report discusses Laurea UAS’ main contribution to Cross-Border Photonics Initiative project. This report describes how, by combining drones with photonics, new technology can be applied in border surveillance. The report describes the planning
of the demonstration flights, including choosing the area and equipment, explaining the permit process and creating scenarios.

47. Ronkainen & Silvennoinen (2015)
Smart hospital living labs, abstracts (PDF)
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This publication includes abstracts of the report "Smart Hospital Living Lab". The Finnish report describes and assesses how the Living Lab solutions created in the Smart Hospital Living Lab project can be used in a primary health care environment. The publication analyses the theoretical and practical basis of the project and describes four development projects, each with different partnership networks, target areas and objectives. Distinctive features of Living Lab activities in sub-projects and their development context are also highlighted. The publication discusses the experiences gathered from Living Lab, analysing its nature, practices, successes and challenges. The parties interested in Living Lab can thus use them in health care, business operations and training activities.

38. Kämppi, Rajamäki, Tiainen & Leppänen (2014)
MACICO. Multi-Agency Cooperation in Cross-border Operations. Samples of Evidence Series: Volume 4 (PDF)
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Cooperation between Public Protection and Disaster Relief actors across a border is a difficult task today, because the teams on both sides of the border cannot communicate with each other. One of the reasons is that their communication systems cannot be linked easily. Other challenges are related with heterogeneous operational procedures, heterogeneous services and the lack of trust between cooperating parties. The MACICO project presents a concept for interworking of security organizations in their daily activity that guarantees communications reliability, integrity and security.

36. Raij (ed.) (2014)
Learning by Developing Action Model (PDF)
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Learning by Developing action model book aims to describe the LbD model as a pedagogical development process at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. It is made up of different, independent peer reviewed articles, which look at LbD from different perspectives. The articles, for example, introduce the philosophical bases of the LbD action model and give examples of how to apply LbD in carrying out different research and development projects.

35. Henriksson, Korkiakangas & Mantere (2014)
Adaptation of Learning by Developing for Comprehensive Schools - LbD4All Guide (PDF)
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The publication is for those interested in the development of teaching in comprehensive schools. The publication provides a versatile introduction to Laurea's pedagogical action model Learning by Developing (LbD) and its adaptation for comprehensive schools (LbD4All). The aim is to introduce the action model LbD4All and provide stimuli in order to apply this model in comprehensive schools.

27. Pusa (ed.) (2014)
Encounter Art. Handbook for a Group Guide (PDF)
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This handbook is a collection of the subjects handled in Encounter Art group guide training. In addition to Encounter Art group guides, the handbook is well suited to social-welfare, health-care and educational supervisors when they assess the applicability of Encounter Art to the operations of their own units.

24. Tikanmäki, Rajamäki & Pirinen (eds.) (2014)
Mobile Object Emergency Vehicles. Samples of Evidence Series: Volyme 3 (PDF)
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This report depicts the research project MOBI (Mobile Object Bus Interaction). The project aimed to create a common international ICT infrastructure for all Puclic Protection and Disaster Relief vehicles, based on better integration of ICT systems, applications, and services.

16. Havukainen & Ikonen (eds.) (2013)
Transatlantic Dual Degree Programme in Nursing (PDF)
The permanent address of the publication is
The aim of this publication is to describe the experiences and outcomes of the Transatlantic Curriculum in Nursing Programme which was the first Transatlantic Dual Degree Programme in Nursing in the world.

15. Vesterinen & Niiniö (eds.) (2013)
Developing Project as Driving Change in Elderly Care (PDF)
The permanent address of the publication is
This publication describes the results gained during the course of the project "The Driving Change in Welfare Services for the Aged".

10. Leminen, Huhtala & Sihvonen (eds.) (2012)
Digital service concepts and business models - Current state and future prospects (PDF)
The permanent address of the publication is
This research was a part of Next Media's research program during 2011. This research report focuses on predicting the future of eReading and eLearning.

9. Leminen, Könkkölä & Huhtala (eds.) (2012)
Multichannel Multi Market Media Service Business Model Evaluation and Benchmark (PDF)
The permanent address of the publication is

This research was conducted as a part of Next Media's Multichannel Multimarket Media Service research​






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