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Moniaistinen kosketus uuteen kieleen

In the MANE-project (Multisensory Approach to a NEw language) coordinated by Laurea, different approaches to learning the language needed in working life are tested, researched and developed in a new living lab. The project has been designed in response to the need to promote the rapid employment of immigrants, especially in sectors with a labor shortage.

  • Implementation date2/1/2023 - 1/31/2025
  • FunderESR+ 2021-2027
  • Research programmeSustainable and versatile social and health care
  • Project typeKansallinen TKI
  • ThemesDigitalisation and information management in society, Pedagogy and cocreation
  • Project managerHilkka Lydén

Some immigrants have good skills in learning a new language, some need more support and more creative methods to get started in learning. Laurea's new 4L-living lab (Language Learning Living Lab) develops, for example, multi-sensory and tactile methods, utilization of virtual and augmented realities, language socialization and multilingual and multi-channel communication. The 4L is developed in the MAKU (Multisensory Touch to a New Language) project together with the research, development and innovation partnership network.

The project develops and enhances the teaching of specific language skills and professional language together with partner companies. Learning contents, such as professional vocabulary, service situations and tasks can also be studied independently and in real time while working at the workplace. The underlying idea of the project is that effective learning of the Finnish language through multisensory or new technology motivates the acquisition of service work and tasks as well as professional vocabulary and thereby supports a long-term commitment to the employer.

A wide network of developers involved in the project

In addition to language learners, parties involved in the development are involved as widely as possible in supporting the employment and integration of experts learning Finnish, such as language learning professionals, developers of language technology solutions, employers, third sector operators and professionals providing integration and workforce services.

Haaga-Helia, Arffman Oy and Lingsoft Oy are involved in the project.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences acts as the project's coordinator, integration and employment promotion expert, and living lab methods expert. Haaga-Helia Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy brings to the consortium its strong knowledge of simulation pedagogy and virtual environments.

Arffman Oy is Finland's largest producer of integration training and a pioneer in working life-oriented language teaching. In this project, Arffman's responsibility is especially the development of innovations in working life-oriented language teaching that can be taken online, as well as the testing and piloting of the solutions developed by the project.

Lingsoft Oy has systematically and long-term developed language recognition, translation technology and other language technological innovations. Lingsoft's solutions are based on strong linguistic research and language structure analysis. In this project, Lingsoft is responsible for the development of language technology solutions.


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