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Eurooppalaisen TKI-yhteistyön kehittäminen ja vahvistaminen Uudellamaalla

The project “Development and strengthening of RDI collaboration in the Uusimaa region” promotes RDI knowledge increasing European funding in the region. Multilateral cooperation – especially towards companies - is developed to create grounds for formation of RDI partnerships emphasizing the international viewpoint. In this way, the sufficiency of innovation funding is secured for actors in the Uusimaa region so that the readiness for success in highly competed EU funding increases. At the same time, the massive deteriorating economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are taken into account in Uusimaa – a region strongly international and export-driven.

  • Implementation date3/1/2021 - 9/30/2023
  • FunderUkke- / Akke-rahoitus
  • Research programmeService Business and Circular Economy
  • Project typeKansallinen TKI
  • ThemesDigitalisation and information management in society, Pedagogy and cocreation, Entrepreneurship, Ethical competence and foresight competence
  • Project managerClarissa Bingham