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Enhancing the development of educators digital competencies

The EduDig project (Enhancing the development of educators’ digital competencies) aims at enhancing educators' awareness of the constant need and providing practical tools for developing digital competencies. The EduDig project targets educators in higher education and will provide answers to concrete questions related to digital competencies, such as 'Where do I stand now?' or 'What can and should I learn?'.

  • Implementation date5/9/2021 - 5/8/2023
  • FunderErasmus+ KA2
  • Research programmeService Business and Circular Economy
  • Project typeInternational RDI
  • ThemesDigitalisation and information management in society, Pedagogy and cocreation, Ethical competence and foresight competence
  • Project managerTarja Chydenius

The EduDig project is based on the Digital Competence Framework for Educators created by the European Commission in 2017 ( 

Our project aims at providing concrete examples for operationalizing and assessing edcators' digital competencies in each of the DigCompEdu frameworks areas. The DigCompEdu framework also presents a cumulative progression model which enables to address educators' different competence levels. The model is inspired by the language proficiency taxonomy CERF, ranging from A1 to C2. 

The challenge with the progression model is that it does not provide concrete descriptions for the assessment and development of digital competencies. The EduDig project aims at bridging this gap by providing the following intellectual outputs:

1. A collection of content (IO1) to all six areas of the DigCompEdu framework (Professional engagement, Digital resources, Assessment, Teaching & learning, Empowering learners, Facilitating learners' digital competence) 

2. An online course with instructors for a chosen DigCompEdu framework area

3. An e-teaching handbook for self-paced learning

There is a clear need for a standardized and structured digital competence framework. The pandemic COVID19 forced a sudden transformation of on site teaching into the online and distance learning. The circumstances forced many educators to adopt technical, didactic and pedagogical aspects at once. Many of them had no previous experience with online teaching. It is, therefore, unclear for many educators how to assess one's own competence, where to find benchmarks or how to develop it systematically and concretely. 

The Erasmus+funded project started in June 2021.


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