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Empowering a Pan-European Network to Counter Hybrid Threats

Empowering a Pan-European Network to Counter Hybrid Threats (EU-HYBNET) is the first European project with a specific focus on preparing for and countering hybrid threats and on developing and building an European network in this field. The five-year project coordinated by Laurea University of Applied Sciences was launched in May 2020. The objective of the project is to strengthen European practitioners and other relevant actors’ capabilities for counteracting hybrid threats. Building up the network of actors in the field plays an important role in achieving this goal. These actors include practitioners, SME’s and companies operating in the sector, academics and NGOs. The main project partner is the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (Hybrid CoE). In addition to Laurea University of Applied Sciences and the Hybrid CoE, 23 other organisations from 16 different European countries are involved. The EU-HYBNET project funded under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme (project no. 883054) spans five years and has a total budget of EUR 3.5 million. For more information on the EU-HYBNET project, visit the project’s website at and its Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

  • Implementation date5/1/2020 - 4/30/2025
  • FunderH2020 Societal Challenges
  • Research areaCoherent security
  • Project typeInternational RDI