Welcome to Laurea, our new exchange students!

​Every year Laurea welcomes approximately 400 exchange students from all over the world. Last week we were happy to see 170 new exchange students who will be studying at Laurea during the autumn semester or for the whole academic year.

Laurea’s wide range of studies in English attracts international students from around the world to come to study in Finland. This time there are students from partner universities from Asia, the Americas as well as from various European countries.

On Wednesday August 30th all exchange students from every Laurea campus got together at Leppävaara campus where they had their common orientation days. The students were warmly welcomed by the staff of Laurea international office, student union Laureamko and tutor students.

The exchange students learned all kinds of practical issues regarding studying and living in Laurea as well as accommodation issues. They were also given introductions to studying in multicultural groups and Finnish culture.

Among the new exchange students were two students from Russia: Elizaveta Shutilova from Yekaterinburg and Alexandra Plotnikova from Norilsk, the northernmost city in Siberia. Both students were very excited to start their exchange period in Finland:

- Today we’ve had very interesting presentations about Finland, Finnish culture and language, they described their first day at Laurea on Wednesday.
- It’s has also been nice to see how many different nationalities we have here. It will be interesting to talk to other exchange students and learn a lot about their cultures as well.

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​New exchange students at the Leppävaara campus. Click to see bigger photo