University of Johannesburg and Laurea UAS agree on collaboration

Laurea University of Applied Sciences has entered into a strategic Memorandum of Agreement for Academic Collaboration with the University of Johannesburg. With this partnership, the goal is to engage in closer cooperation in recognised fields in education, research and development operations and regional development work.

The agreement for academic collaboration was prepared during visits to Laurea from the University of Johannesburg's highest management level in 2016. There is strong conviction at Laurea with regard to the quick development of the University of Johannesburg as a top world-class institution of higher learning. As many as 50,000 students study at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), with personnel there totalling 3,200.

In the same manner as at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, there is very close city- and province-based cooperation at the University of Johannesburg, so interesting research and development project themes have been found in abundance. At the moment, preparations are being made for the Horizon2020 collaboration project, where the focus is on sustainable urban development.  The cities of Espoo and Johannesburg are, for instance, involved with the preparations.

There are many opportunities for collaboration in the educational and student entrepreneurship sector, as the promotion of entrepreneurship is a strategic area of development at both universities. Digital solutions in learning are enabling the building of extensive cooperation in all fields of study. In Johannesburg, interest in particular has been raised in Laurea's expertise in service design, its Master’s degree-level Service Innovation and Design instruction, and Laurea's operational models aimed at the promotion of student entrepreneurship.

Modified 2/6/2018 9:41 AM
Collaboration University of Johannesburg presidents Laurea partnership

​President, CEO Jouni Koski and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ihron Rensburg.