The FUAS discharges beginning from 1.1.2018

The Federation of Universities of Applied Sciences, FUAS, is an alliance of independent universities of applied sciences; Häme University of Applied Sciences, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, and Laurea University of Applied Sciences. This alliance will be discharged from 1.1.2018.

In a FUAS government board meeting on the 6.6.2017, it was decided that the FUAS will be abolished. This decision was based on member institutions government's decision to terminate FUAS. Discharging of FUAS is a consequence of structural development which have regional differences in process among universities in Southern Finland. Moreover, the national cooperation of universities are strengthening and summer studies of universities are increasingly nationally offered. In addition, universities seal their national and international partnership network for example in the education export.

Kari Salmi the chairman of the government board states: "The federation cooperation has been successful and developed the operation of member universities. Now it is time to be postponed at the following stage and further ambitiously advanced universities as the advantage of the students, economic life and the region. "

FUAS cooperation continues according to the year plan during year 2017.
After FUAS discharging, universities are still operating together within normal university cooperation.


Modified 6/7/2017 1:48 PM