Students pitched their business ideas at Laurea StartUp

​In the course of the autumn, a group of students from different fields in Otaniemi and Leppävaara have participated in piloting the Laurea StartUp study entity that is part of the complementary entrepreneurship studies. The three-part study entity culminated in the pitching event organised at the Otaniemi Startup Sauna on 8 December.

Students had developed their business ideas with guidance from their instructors during the study entity. They presented their ideas to the jury in the pitching event, and each pitch received feedback and suggestions for further development from the jury. The jury consisted of the business angel Tapio Heikkilä, the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Spinno business incubator Oki Tåg, and Antti Vettenranta from Laurea.

The audience got to see a total of around twenty different business ideas in the pitching event. They varied from smart phone applications to novel cafe concepts and HPAC solutions.

Although many of the business ideas were still in early stages, those who pitched their ideas that day received encouraging feedback from the jury:

- The ideas we heard today have a healthy foundation. The students had clearly been thinking about the right things, Tapio Heikkilä commented.

- Myself, I was surprised about the high level of ambition among the students. Many of them had already taken their ideas so far that they had been approaching potential clients asking whether they would be interested in the idea, Oki Tåg continued.

The jury also encouraged all students to work their ideas further, ask experts for advice and join any events related to entrepreneurship to carry on networking.

- I hope they were all left with a positive feeling for having had the courage to present their ideas in front of the jury and the audience, Oki Tåg summarised.

- It is especially important to be able to receive feedback, learn from it and improve the idea further with help of the feedback.

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​Student Anna Grinberg speaking about pitching.