SOCCES: Social Competences, Enterpreneurship and Sense of Initiative - Development and Assessment Framework

The Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship and Social competences are very important in both working life and building a competitive European Union. The purpose of SOCCES is to develop an assessment framework and related tools as well as methods for measuring these two competences in different educational environments. The developed framework will be piloted in six countries, Bulgaria, France, Finland, Great Britain, Holland and Italy, by the participating higher education institutes. Based on the experiences gained through the pilots, the assessment methods and tools will be finalized and related guidelines will be edited for the teachers and students. Moreover an online training course which will assist teachers in understanding the importance of assessing the competences in question as well as gaining insights to the developed methods and tools will be developed.

The final aim of the project is to serve as a first step for the creation of a general EU level assessment method of the competences in question. Therefore the final product of the project will be a proposal for a commonly recognized European certificate related to transferable skills; a “EuroComPass” for Transferable Skills.

Project results will be disseminated largely in Finland and in all participating countries. The project website will open soon.

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Auli Guilland

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