Over 1,200 new students starting at Laurea

In the joint application to higher education in spring 2015, a record number of applicants chose Laurea as their future place of study. Over 16,000 applications were submitted to Laurea, of which in around 6,000 Laurea was the first choice. In terms of popularity Laurea became the second most popular higher education institution in the country directly after the University of the Arts Helsinki. The third most popular was the University of Tampere. Laurea's popularity ratio, i.e. the number of first choice applicants in relation to study places, was 5.40 and that of the University of Tampere 4.89.

In the autumn semester, altogether 1,220 students will start their studies at Laurea: 180 students in Degree programmes in English, 900 in Bachelor's level programmes and 140 in Master's level programmes. The total number of students is 7,800 and the 20,000th student with a Bachelor's or Master's degree from a university of applied sciences graduated from Laurea in June this year.

Those granted a study place must confirm the place with the Admissions Services of the university by 15.00 on 17 July 2015. If you were not granted a study place in the joint application in spring 2015, the next joint application will be on 8 – 22 September 2015 for studies beginning in January 2016. See the Applicant's Guide on our website.

Modified 7/9/2015 2:31 PM