Laurea involved in the new service centre in Espoo

​The City of Espoo opened a service centre that brings together several services provided for the city’s residents in the Iso Omena shopping centre on Thursday, 11 August. The purpose of the service centre is to offer the residents of Espoo the possibility to access all services easily in one place.

The service centre includes a library, culture and youth services, a child health clinic, a health centre, mental health and substance abuse services, Kela, Citizen Services, HUS laboratory and medical imaging services, as well as Kohtaamo, the meeting place for culture and art.

A new way to provide services for the residents

- At the moment, we feel relieved and happy as we have, after a long preparation process, been able to open the doors of the service centre to the residents of Espoo, says Juha-Pekka Strömberg, Service Centre Manager at the City of Espoo, describing the feelings on the opening day.

The ten units in the service centre employ a total of 140 employees. Strömberg estimates that more than 20 different job titles can be found in the facility.

- This new concept represents a change at many different levels. Instead of silo thinking, the operating culture of the service centre is based on horizontal thinking and on the idea that services can be better produced together, says Service Centre Manager Strömberg.
- On the other hand, this also represents a change in the service culture as customers can increasingly influence the quality and development of the services. Thirdly, this represents a change in the urban culture in Espoo; the city’s fragmented structure of five centres requires this kind of solutions.

Students organise campaigns during the autumn

Students of Laurea University of Applied Sciences (UAS) will have a visible role at the service centre during the opening weeks until the Espoo Day on 27 August. The students who took part in summer courses have planned campaigns which they will implement together with the service centre operators. Students will also guide customers at the service centre and collect customer feedback from people who visit the centre.

Laurea will continue to be a partner of the service centre together with Omnia. Student activities will continue at the service centre in the autumn. Laurea’s students from different courses will organise various pop-up events at the service centre during the autumn and next spring. Follow Laurea’s activities at the service centre on the Intranet from the beginning of the autumn.

- This is a good place for our students to get into contact with real customers - it is always the best way to learn, explains Regional Service Manager Pia Kiviharju from Laurea UAS.
- On the other hand, this is also an incredibly good place to just experiment with new things. The city also wants the service square to be an innovation platform for cooperation between the various actors and here you can experiment even with crazy ideas. Some of them may go slightly wrong, but that’s how we learn.

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​Laurea students Jasmina Vaakanainen and Niina Lindholm  guided visitors of the service center on the opening day.