Laurea evaluated an European Union Civil Protection Exercise in FYROM

Laurea’s international team of experts evaluated a Civil Protection Mechanism field exercise participated by Austrian, Italian and Romanian civil protection professionals in the city of Negotino in the former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) between 17-20 June.

A flood related exercise was organized by APELL (Fundaţia „Centrul Naţional APELL pentru Managementul Dezastrelor”) together with the General, Inspectorate for Emergencies (IGSU) Romania, Austrian Red Cross, Latvian State Fire and Rescue Service and with the supporting partners France, FYRO Macedonia and UN Environment Programme.

The scenario was based on a storyline that heavy rains, wind and thunderstorms had caused severe flooding and other related problems in Macedonia. The Austrian, Italian and Romanian participants tested their capabilities for example in high capacity pumping, water purification, chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear detection and sampling modules, medical support,  technical assistance and support teams.

The ultimate goal of Laurea Civil Protection Exercise evaluation is to enhance the preparedness and deployability of the Union’s civil protection capabilities, with particular attention to the capabilities destined for the voluntary pool.

The last of Laurea’s 7th evaluation cycle’s exercise will be held in Germany between 24-28 June. After the last exercise of this cycle Laurea will analyze the collected data and provide a report on the findings.

More information about Evaluation: Ms Kirsi Hyttinen, and evaluation@laurea.

Modified 6/27/2017 9:23 AM