Laurea celebrated Graduation Ceremony

​Laurea University of Applied Sciences’ spring term graduation ceremony was held on Friday, the 20th of May, at the Finlandia Hall in Helsinki in honour of Laurea’s 25th anniversary. The centre of attention at the graduation ceremony were the students who received their Bachelor’s and Master's degrees from Laurea, who on this day numbered a little over 200. All in all, the Finlandia Hall was packed with hundreds of graduates and their closest friends and loved ones.

The graduation ceremony, which is held two times a year, also celebrated all those students who graduated during the 2016 spring term. Around 1,500 experts from various fields graduate from Laurea annually. All in all, around 21,600 students have graduated from Laurea during its 25-year-long history.

- During the last few years, we at Laurea have had the privilege of celebrating the positive development of the popularity of our education, and in the spring of 2016, Laurea ranked as the third most popular higher education institution in Finland, noted Laurea’s President, Executive Director Jouni Koski in his speech to the graduating students.
- This sort of excellent popularity means that you, our graduating students, can be proud of your degree – you’re in high demand.

The stakeholder representative’s speech to the graduates was given by Professor Koichi Ogasawara from the Tohoku Fukushi University in Japan. A member of Laurea’s International Advisory Board, Ogasawara directed his warm speech to the students celebrating their graduation and wished them courage on their new path.

Traditionally, the graduation ceremony also features a speech by a graduating student, and this time it was given by Bachelor of Business Administration Joonas Joutsen and Bachelor of Hospitality Management Jianing Je.

- At the moment, it’s certainly not certain for all of us graduates what we want to do next, began Jianing Je.
- But it’s sure that through Laurea’s courses, projects and assignments, we have found our strengths and areas of expertise.

The graduation ceremony also featured the President’s commendation awards in honour of the 25th anniversary that were awarded to Bachelor of Hospitality Management Laura Virki and Bachelor of Business Administration Heini Kauppinen. The best thesis authors for the 2015 - 2016 academic year were also awarded.

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