Laurea Forerunner Magazine: “Collaboration drives results”

​A new issue of Laurea’s stakeholder magazine - the Forerunner Magazine - has been published. This issue aims to present what Laurea’s approach to learning and working is like and the main theme is “co-operation”.

The articles provide concrete examples how the co-operative culture at Laurea works: students working together with each other, with alumni and with partner organisations in various projects. The also present the co-operation Laurea is engaged in with various actors in research, development and innovation projects.

The magazine can now be found on Laurea campuses or you can read the online version.

The Forerunner Magazine (‘Kehittäjä’ in Finnish) is a magazine aimed at Laurea’s stakeholders. The magazine is published four times each year and one of the issues is in English only.

Tell us what you think of this issue of the Forerunner Magazine and share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #LaureaForerunner.

Modified 1/8/2018 12:49 PM