Laurea becomes a member of European Organisation for Security

Laurea University of Applied Sciences joined European Organisation for Security (EOS) on 1 March 2015, and it is the first European higher education institution to have been chosen as a member. EOS membership brings Laurea new opportunities for Security Management projects in a more cost-effective, centralised and long-reaching way.

With this new collaboration, entrepreneurs in the Uusimaa region and Laurea students gain access to the international projects of the top companies in Security Management in different aspects of business such as information technology, aviation, border management, traffic, city safety solutions and services, and technical products.

European Security industry is an over 100 billion business and it employs over 2 million people. EOS is an organisation founded in 2007 whose members represent various parts of the Security Sector from 13 European countries, and its members include approximately 40 major companies such as AIRBUS, Siemens, Saab, DCNS and IVECO. EOS, as the field's largest consortium, offers a forum and a channel for the co-operation and sharing of innovative ideas for those working in European Security Management as well as research institutes and local higher education clusters and associations.  The main goal of EOS is to unify the Security Management market in Europe to meet all political, social and economic needs.

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Director Isto Mattila
Security, Safety and Social Responsibility, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
+358 (0)40 5881108, isto.mattila(at)

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