Laurea's graduation ceremony: caps off and onwards to working life!

​On Thursday 14 December, all of Laurea celebrated students who had completed their studies once again as Laurea's traditional autumn graduation ceremony was held at Kulttuuritalo in Helsinki. As a sign of completing their degree programmes, graduates wore the Laurea cape and cap and stepped into the hall as new alumni.

There were about 150 graduating students present at the ceremony as well as a large crowd of their families and friends. The ceremony honoured all Bachelor's and Master's students, who graduated from Laurea during the autumn semester. More than 1,600 professionals in different sectors graduate from Laurea each year.

Good skills and knowledge for future working life

Laurea University of Applied Sciences President and Managing Director Jouni Koski enthusiastically congratulated all the graduates in his speech. At the same time, he emphasised to the audience how important it was that they continue to learn in the future:

- I hope that during your studies at Laurea, you have all learned to appreciate learning new things, he stated.
- Learning takes place in working life in your interactions with other people – colleagues, clients and partners. The skill to learn will help your succeed in the workplace.

"A new beginning"

At the end of the ceremony, two graduates, Bachelor of Business Administration Viveka Kulmala and Master of Health Care Evans Odhiambo, also shared their thoughts on the completion of their studies.

- Today is a new beginning for all of us. After today, we will no longer be students, new Bachelor's degree graduate Kulmala reminded and encouraged all graduates to consider what they wanted to be after graduation.
- Whatever it is, remember to be yourselves, to be bold enough to take risks and to have the courage to listen to your inner voice, she encouraged.


A video recording from the graduation ceremony can be viewed on Laurea Youtube channel.

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