InnoEspoo innovation received an international Best Practice 2015 award

In January 2015, the international Design for All Foundation recognised the online service as a Good Practice 2014 for excellence in service innovation. The recognition entitled the service to participate in a global competition in which five best service innovations or projects from all over the world received a Best Practice award. The award ceremony was held in Paris in March 2015.

The website is a digital service for seniors and their families to help seniors cope at home in the Espoo region. The innovation was developed and realised by Laurea students as part of the InnoEspoo project.

The website provides seniors with access to services, products, activities and information, all in one place. The site also lists events in Espoo and includes links to the service websites of the City of Espoo and other operators. The Activities section includes instructional videos for physical exercise, brain exercises and relaxation activities as well as links to different media and games.

The website also includes a new section for informal carers, developed in collaboration with the carer organisation operating in Espoo and Kauniainen. The section includes useful and activating material to facilitate the daily life of carers.

The service was developed in several workshops using the service design approach and working in close cooperation with seniors. The service is designed to make everyday life easier for the elderly. It also supports business enterprise in the Espoo region, promotes the creation of new companies in the well-being sector and encourages students to join cooperatives. The website is a meeting place for seniors, their families and service providers, such as companies, public and third sector operators and students.

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Watch also the new video.

The InnoEspoo project

The InnoEspoo project is a European Social Fund-financed entrepreneurship venture between vocational education provider and regional development center Omnia, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Aalto University’s Small Business Center and the city of Espoo. The project began in early 2013 and will come to an end in April 2015. The objective of the project is to establish a community that spans across different educational levels and develops business services that support and promote establishment and activities of student enterprises and small businesses, as well as to develop innovative provision of services in Espoo.

Further information:

Pia Kiviharju
Regional Service Manager, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
pia.kiviharju(at), +358 (0)400 816 612

Johanna Lyytikäinen
Project Manager, InnoEspoo project
johanna.lyytikäinen(at), +358 (0)40 126 7110


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