Congratulations to all Laurea graduates

​​Friday, the 4th of December – a significant day for a total of 116 students graduating from Laurea on this day. They, and other Laurea graduates of this autumn with fresh bachelor and master’s degrees, gathered for the traditional graduation ceremony on this Friday at Laurea’s Leppävaara campus.

Laurea grants degrees to 1,500 new experts every year. More than 20,000 students have graduated from Laurea during its history.
The December graduation ceremony was opened by the university’s president and managing director, Jouni Koski, who offered his congratulations to everyone that completed their degrees this autumn. He also extended his gratitude to the friends and family, who have supported these graduates in reaching this significant personal milestone.

- Laurea has enjoyed a significant increase in attraction, it being the second most attractive university in the spring 2015 joint national applications, a point that president and managing director Jouni Koski highlighted in his speech.
- You, dear graduates, carry an important message to workplaces. You can be extremely proud of your expertise and your Laurea degree.

Sampo Suihko, City of Espoo Director for Education and Cultural Services, relayed the greetings of the workplaces to the graduates. He encouraged them to reflect on the past, present and future at this occasion.

- The world has changed greatly during your period of education and those changes won’t stop in the future. All these changes emphasise the importance of lifelong learning.
- Today’s employees all have two separate tasks: their job, and improving in their job, said Suihko.

Another tradition in the Laurea graduation ceremony is the graduate speech, held this year by Asta Kokkarinen, a graduate of the Social Services programme. Asta spent her speech reminiscing on the most memorable moments in her studies. She also thanked Laurea for the excellent teaching, and her fellow students and friends for their support in her studies.

The President’s award for particular distinction in studies is also presented to a student at the December graduation ceremony. The second-ever award was given this year to fresh master’s degree graduate Jaakko Porokuokka. Having previously completed a Bachelor of Business Administration in Security Management at Laurea, Jaakko has now completed a Master of Business Administration in the English-language Service Innovation and Design degree programme. Jaakko completed all of his study units and his thesis with the highest possible grade (5), which was one of the reasons for him receiving this award along with the work he did for Laurea’s master’s programmes and several RDI projects.

- You can only know you’re doing the right things with recognition, and this is the most significant gesture I could hope for, said Jaakko Porokuokka of the President’s award right after the graduation ceremony.
- Graduation itself feels fantastic and it’s great to finally finish this immense endeavour with great success.

Laurea wishes to congratulate Jaakko and all of the graduating Laurea students this autumn.

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​Master’s degree graduate Jaakko Porokuokka.